The most fashionable jeans, winter 2014-2015

Jeans - an indispensable thing in any wardrobe. Modern fashion has long shifted jeans pants from working casual clothes to the category of the most stylish outfits. And it is not surprising, because jeans are practical in sock, perfectly emphasize the dignity of the figure and hide its shortcomings, are always relevant and, most importantly, are very convenient. In the Autumn-Winter season 2014-2015, designers have given a special role to clothing from denim: photos from fashion shows show a variety of models of jeans, skirts, dresses and jackets. But most of the attention was paid to jeans trousers: narrow and wide, solid and with applications, classical and non-standard - just eyes run from diversity!

The most fashionable women's winter jeans 2014-2015

The most fashionable jeans, winter 2014-2015

Despite the variety of models, fashion jeansWinter of 2014 have a number of common characteristics. First, the narrow models, the so-called skinny, will be especially relevant. It can not be said that broad jeans are completely unpopular this winter, but most designers have preferred a slim and feminine silhouette. Secondly, the average landing. We'll have to leave models with a low landing until better times, or rather, until the warm summer season. Third, the classical color scheme. Dark blue, black, red-brown - traditional and at the same time the most fashionable shades of this winter. The shortened jeans (G-Star RAW, Joe Fresh, Superdry) will still be relevant. The designers suggest combining them both with graceful half-boots (Hunkydory), and with coarse boots (Gsus). Another difference between fashion jeans trousers from the models of previous seasons is a minimum of decor. An exception was the collection Chen Wen, which presents jeans of unusual colors, with fantastic ornaments and daring combinations of textures.

To wear jeans in this winter season is best withshort fur coats from natural fur and oversize coat. Spectacular will look in the style of the 80's: a tweed coat in a cage, tight jeans, a volumetric multi-colored knitted scarf and a beanie with a pompon.

The most fashionable men's winter jeans 2014-2015

The most fashionable jeans, winter 2014-2015

Traditional colors and styles dominate and incollections of fashionable men's jeans trousers. Actual will be "worn" jeans (Arzu Kaprol) and "working" versions (Triarchy). Dark models with contrast gates (Superdry) will remain popular. The color range is rather low-key, represented mainly by dark shades: blue, black, dark green, gray, brown. Remain in the trend and ragged and rubbed jeans, which is not quite suitable for our cold winters.

Combine jeans designers offer with shirtsfrom denim of one color scale. This combination reminds fashionable denim ensembles of the early 90's, when denim was at the peak of popularity in the post-Soviet countries.

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