How to remove a card from Aliexpress

More and more people are shoppingon the website of Aliexpress. This virtual store is attractive because payment for goods can be made online at any time convenient for you. As a rule, people tie a bank card to their own account. However, there are often situations when you have to change or delete it. How to do this in the Aliexpress system?

How to untie a bank card from Aliexpress?

Untie a bank card and permanently delete itfor Aliexpress is required for various reasons. It happens that she has expired and you need to bind a new account. Some users of Aliexpress worry about the security and confidentiality of the data entered into the system. Do not worry! You can remove the card on Aliexpress in several ways.

Delete the card on Aliexpress via Alipay

One way to unbind a bank card on Aliexpress is to use the Alipay service. What do you need to do for this? Everything is simple enough.

  1. To unfasten the payment card and remove it from theservice, you need to log into your Alipay wallet. To do this, click on the virtual button "My Aliexpress". After that, a pop-up menu will appear on the screen. From the list, select "My Alipay".

How to remove a card from Aliexpress

  1. Next, you need to understand your own accounts in the Aliexpress system. Since it is easy to install Russian language in the service of AliExpress, it is very easy to do this.

On a note! Above the menu is located, and under it two tabs are placed. This is "History" and "My Account".

In the first of them you can find all the data and statusescommitted payments to Aliexpress. But to delete the map you need the "My Account" tab. There are several additional sections. You need to select the electronic button "Edit cards" from them.

How to remove a card from Aliexpress

  1. Click on this icon. This will allow you to go to the page that lists all the cards linked to the account on Aliexpress. You can also link another payment instrument to the system. To the right of the card number is the name of its owners and the "Delete card" button. It is necessary to take advantage of it.

How to remove a card from Aliexpress

  1. It remains only to click on this button and confirm the debit of the payment account from the account on Alipay. As you can see, this method does not involve anything complicated.

How to remove a card from Aliexpress

The easiest way to remove a card from AliExpress

There is another simple way to removecard from its page on the website of the store Aliekspress. This option is attractive in that it allows you to untie not only the card from the Aliexpress account, but also to delete the contact phone number, passport data and other important information.

  1. To complete the action, you need to go toVirtual store and log in to the system. Next, you need to open a new tab and type in the opened address bar, then hit the Enter key.How to remove a card from Aliexpress

  2. In the opened section "Card information" it will only be necessary to delete the payment document and other information about yourself.How to remove a card from Aliexpress

How do I change the card for Alyexpress?

On Aliexpress, where hundreds of thousands of people dailymake purchases, the card number can not only be permanently deleted, but also changed. Typically, this is required when the previous document expired. Since the service Aliexpress automatically stores card numbers when making purchases, the change of "numbers" is often required if, in subsequent acquisitions, the user decided to use the tool of another bank and, accordingly, another plastic.

So, to change the map toAliexpress will need to start to walk through electronic catalogs and select several lots. When the goods are sent to the virtual shopping cart, you need to fill out the address for delivery of purchases and other important fields. Now you need to confirm the purchase, then click on the "Payment for goods" tab. The user can choose the payment method. Accordingly, it will be a plastic bank card.

From the opened field you should delete the information,which were displayed in automatic mode. Instead of the old plastic data, you need to drive in new, relevant information. It will be necessary to re-specify the name and surname of the cardholder, the actual number and the validity period. You also need to enter CVV. This is an individual cipher consisting of three numbers. You can find it on the back of the plastic. You need to watch under the magnetic stripe.

How to remove a card from Aliexpress

When all the manipulations are completed, you needclick on the "Pay for Order" tab. On the contact phone number, to which the plastic is attached to the Aliexpress, a test SMS message will come. It will contain the code that allows you to complete the payment for Aliexpress. After the introduction of this digital combination, a new bank card will be linked to the account on Aliexpress. In the future, if necessary, it can also be deleted.

Video: how to remove a card from Aliexpress

Now you know the whole two ways to remove a card from Aliexpress! But if you still have questions, but the answers to them you can find in the video.

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