Why there is an unpleasant smell from the vagina

Female body - very finely tunedA tool in which everything should be in harmony. A woman should smell good and be attractive. If there is any failure, this is the reason to start worrying. Specialists-gynecologists assert that such manifestations can be a consequence of infectious diseases. Emerging microbes secrete a gas that causes the vagina to smell. There are also unpleasant sensations in the genital area. A woman can feel burning or itching, which is also an indicator of infection. Often, the disease is determined by the smell.

Scent of onions from the vagina: causes

Why there is an unpleasant smell from the vagina

Onion smell of secretions is a good reasonfor the reference to the gynecologist. It is caused by the appearance of fungal and infectious diseases. The vagina can smell onions in the presence of the following microbes:

  • chlamydia;

  • gonococci;

  • Trichomonases.

Often a strong unpleasant smell, reminiscent ofonions, causes the release of gas precisely these bacteria. Also, its cause may be hidden in the fungal disease of the genital organs. Women need to pay attention to when it most intensifies. The smell of onions from the vagina, the causes of which have not yet been clarified, can have a devastating effect on the body.

It is interesting!

The smell resembling an onion becomes more distinct after sexual intimacy, during menstruation, as a result of the transferred stress. Its increase also causes menopause and pregnancy.

Why does the vagina smell like onions during pregnancy

Why can the vagina smell when visibleabsence of reasons? Often, this is due to the presence of fungal or infectious diseases caused by microbes. The period of hormonal failure, which provokes pregnancy, is most often marred by such consequences. There are several main reasons why the vagina smells like onions during pregnancy. All of them are related to the special condition of a woman.

  • The vagina begins to smell strongly due to hormonal changes, with this there should be no irritation of the genitals;

  • The change in olfactory perception leads to the fact that a woman feels the onion smells, but this is not reality;

  • Weakening of immunity and development of pathogens;

  • Enhancement of inflammatory processes associated with chronic diseases.

It is possible to smell and at constant stressfulsituations that negatively affect the general state of the body and the nervous system. Pregnancy promotes the manifestation of previously hidden ailments, therefore, in each individual case, a specialist consultation is necessary.

Why there is a strong smell from the vagina

Why there is an unpleasant smell from the vagina

Strong unpleasant odor from sexualorgans causes a feeling of discomfort and is a consequence of the work of bacteria. This may have consequences for the normal carrying of the child, therefore should cause concern. From the vagina can smell differently, depending on the activity of microbes.

  • Dysbacteriosis of the sexual environment causes burning and itching, as well as a fishy smell;

  • When urine is excreted, a specificsmell from the vagina. This occurs as a result of incontinence of the bladder or stress. Urine is the result of stress. How and what this ailment should be treated by specialists?

  • Isolation from the vagina and putrefactive odor can be a consequence of inflammation of the urogenital system;

  • One of the frequent diseases - thrush gives a sour smell. Curd extracts cause irritation. Once an acidic odor has appeared, it is necessary to consult a doctor;

  • Smell of garlic or sweetness can in the case of eating certain foods;

  • Erosion of the cervix is ​​determined by bloody discharge and glandular odor.

Finding out why there is a strong smell from the vagina,it is necessary to undergo appropriate treatment, since in most cases this is a violation and at home, this disease is not treated, there is clearly an infection and a special antibiotic course is required.

Treatment of onion odor from the vagina

Like any other disease, this ailmentmust be treated in a medical institution. The doctor, having found out the reasons of a smell from a vagina, probably it is a cystitis, appoints or nominates adequate medicamental treatment. Most often used antibacterial drugs and local agents, such as creams, gels and candles.

Why there is an unpleasant smell from the vagina

Verified and effective are suchmedications like trichopolum and metronidazole. They are available in the form of tablets and vaginal suppositories. Irrigation and syringing is performed by means with a pronounced antibacterial effect, such as hydrogen peroxide and thymicide. When the inflammatory process is started, antibiotics are mandatory, most often clindamycin and cephalosporin. Having established the cause of the disease and finding out why the smell comes from the vagina, specialists, as an auxiliary, can appoint candles, the choice of which is very rich at the present time.

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