Red spots on the body are a common symptom,forming a clinical picture of more than 100 therapeutic, dermatological, nervous and infectious pathologies, acquiring diagnostic value only in the presence of other, more specific and specific signs of the disease. A spot is a skin area that has been changed in color and has a clear localization. Dimensions, outlines, the shape of red spots can vary significantly, while other structural parameters of the skin remain unchanged. When red spots appear on the skin, it is recommended to consult a doctor, take tests and undergo a comprehensive examination to exclude serious disruption of the internal systems and organs.

Red spots on the body: the causes of the appearance

  1. Vegetative disorders. Inclined to confluence red spots appear against the background of strong physical exertion and overheating (more often on the body and sternum, less often on the face, neck) because of uneven expansion of the blood capillaries is a non-dangerous physiological condition that does not require correction.

  2. Allergy. If the red or white spots on the body appear, then disappear - this is the body's reaction to food (chocolate, nuts, citrus, smoked products, honey, alcohol), medicinal, domestic (dust, pet hair), pollen or industrial allergens.

  3. Skin diseases:

    • dermatitis. Chronic disease, characterized by the formation of red spots on different segments of the skin (including on the hands). It is accompanied by densification of the skin, flaking, itching. Dermatitis is well amenable to therapy with hormonal ointments and antihistamines;

    • colored lichen. Infectious disease caused by pathogenic fungi. Red spots with multi-colored lisha focus on the skin of the shoulders, neck, back, chest. Foci of defeat have a round shape and clearly delineated boundaries. Increase due to peripheral growth, not accompanied by inflammation;

    • pink deprive. A skin disease of an infectious-allergic origin, in which pink oval spots with a peeling surface form on the skin. Pink lichen usually passes spontaneously after 6-12 weeks. During this period, careful skin care and strict hypoallergenic diet are necessary;

    • psoriasis. Systemic pathology, which, if untimely / improperly treated, can lead to serious complications: muscle atrophy, arthritis, conjunctivitis, damage to the heart muscle;

    • hemangiomas. Red spots that are localized in different parts of the body and have different sizes. Benign vascular tumors are not dangerous to health - it's a cosmetic defect, if desired, easily eliminated by liquid nitrogen or laser.

There is also a disease of vasculitisinflammation of the walls of small blood vessels inside the skin ), when the touch stains hurt. You should see a doctor.

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Red spots on the body of a child

In young children, red spots cantestify about vascular / blood diseases, parasitic / infectious pathology, allergic reaction, poor hygiene. The appearance of red spots on the baby's body should be the reason for visiting the pediatrician. Self-medication can lead to disastrous consequences and a sharp deterioration in the child's well-being.

Causes of occurrence:

  • measles. An acute infectious disease, manifested in the form of characteristic red spots on the body. It flows with a high body temperature, a dry cough, and a runny nose. Eruptions appear in stages: on the face - trunk - legs;

  • chickenpox. The main symptoms of the disease are red spots all over the body, including the genitals and the scalp; abdominal pain, fever, headache. Therapy consists in taking antiviral drugs and treating red spots (vesicles) with antibacterial solutions;

  • rubella. Viral disease, which is characterized by the formation of small red spots (points) throughout the body. Concomitant manifestations: inflammation of the lymph nodes, chills, headache, redness of the eyes;

  • scarlet fever. Infectious disease, transmitted by tactile and airborne droplets. Red spots in scarlet fever affect the skin according to the scheme: neck and face - stomach, chest - inner thighs. The prognosis is usually favorable: on the background of antibiotic and antiallergic treatment, complete recovery is observed;

  • scabies. Skin disease, provoked by the scabies mite Sarcoptes scabiei. It manifests itself as separate red spots on the back, face, abdomen, interdigital folds, and folds of the hand. Itchy fingers and other parts of the body from itching. When the first signs of scabies appear, you should contact a specialized specialist who will conduct the examination and prescribe the appropriate treatment;

  • toxic erythema of newborns. A borderline condition that develops on the 1-2 day of a baby's life due to the immaturity of metabolic processes. Characterized by the formation of pronounced red spots of different sizes on the skin with localization on the buttocks, chest, back, around the joints. Rashes on the soles, palms, mucous membranes are absent;

  • meningococcal infection. A very dangerous diagnosis, which is due to the high incidence of generalized forms with a high mortality rate. Clinic of the disease: nasal congestion, swelling and hyperemia of the posterior pharynx, red spots in the form of roseol (spots of red / pink hue), papules (dense vesicles), small hemorrhages (blood clots). Equivalent symptoms indicating the probability of meningitis: large and small red spots on the body + persistent vomiting + confusion + intense headache.

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Red spots on the body: diagnosis and treatment

Treating can be folk remedies, if it isit is possible, however, in any case, if there are red spots on the skin, general and biochemical blood tests, a hormonal status test, an IgE marker of the allergic process (especially when pregnancy or anemia) should be submitted. To make a fluorography, ultrasound of the thyroid gland, breast, pelvic organs and abdominal cavity. Red spots on the body indicate a malfunction in the functioning of the body, so ignore the doubtful signs are not worth it. It is better to be safe and get expert advice - this will help to maintain health and improve the quality of life.

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