The most fashionable women's jeans spring-summer 2013 (photo)

Denim is a legend of the fashion industry. Being originally the subject of slave uniforms, they have gained such wide popularity for several centuries that now no wardrobe of modern man can do without at least one pair of jeans.

The flush is back in fashion!

To lovers of the cut "klesh" you can safely rejoice: on the podium again this trend returns past seasons. The bet on retro style is made by many fashion houses, among which are such as Dolce & Gabbana, Blumarine, Emporio Armani. The cliche can go both from the hip and from the knee, and both options will be active. It should be noted that jeans cut "flared" should be necessarily below the ankle, and they should be worn with a high heel or shoes on the platform. Klesh - an excellent solution for those women of fashion who want to visually increase their growth and give their appearance new, interesting and sophisticated outlines.

Fashionable colored jeans spring-summer 2013

An important factor in choosing jeans is theircolor solution. Let's try to deal with popular in the future season colors. First of all, at the peak of glory will be all the muted shades of blue - from the blue to the dark blue. Do not overlook the model of pastel shades - turquoise, white, pink, beige, mint and milk. In connection with the return to the fashion style of the military, but new shows of many couturiers of the world appeared jeans of the coloring "khaki", decorated with metal decor elements - rivets and buttons.

Working in the offices of lovers of jeans canchoose a black color - these jeans are a bit different in appearance from classic jeans, so without breaking the dress code, you can safely wear them to work. At the same time, it will be a trendy solution to complement black jeans with a contrasting white jacket made of denim or any other material.

Fashionable jeans spring-summer 2013

Another hit of the upcoming season will beextravagant jeans of metallic shades - golden, silver, copper. In order not to look like a "New Year's tree," stylists advise to dilute this bold decision with a neutral and calm top. In the coming season, also invited to pay attention to retro-varenki - jeans of unusual colors in the form of spots. However, be extremely careful when combining these models with other things. It is important not to overdo it. Jeans with leopard and snake print also will not go unnoticed in the new season.

Fashionable details on jeans for girls spring-summer 2013 (photo)

Despite the popularity of the cut "klesh"most of the models of jeans presented at the shows of new collections of world designers were straight or even narrowed cut. It perfectly meets the needs of a modern girl. Tightening a slender woman's leg, they make your appearance even more seductive and elegant. However, stylists warn: models of skinnie and pipe should not be worn by girls of large build. In this case, it is better to choose jeans straight classic cut.

Mods should pay attention to the lengthjeans, because in the warm season will be ultra-popular a few short pants, which can both roll up, and just cut and sew. Girls with rebellious and rocker spirit like jeans with scuffs, cuts and holes. These models will help create a daring and mischievous image that will not only surprise others, but will also take you to the top of fashion. The most important detail of the coming season will be the belt, without which no pair of jeans will now cost.

Fashionable women's jeans spring-summer 2013

Here we are waited by a huge variety - from thickbelts with large buckles to thin and fabric straps. In the season of spring-summer 2013, jeans are fashionable to wear with high heels! It is desirable that the shoes are perfectly combined with the top. Do not be afraid to combine incongruous! For example, under ragged jeans, bright feminine shoes with high heels will perfectly suit, although at first glance it may seem that these details of the wardrobe are completely incompatible.

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