The year 2018-th. Judgment Day came and went, leveling modern civilization. The army of the Terminators wanders about after the apocalyptic earth, killing or gathering people lurking in desolate cities and deserts.

But small groups of survivors combined into the Resistance, hiding in underground bunkers and striking, when they can do it, against an enemy force far exceeding their numbers.

Manages them capturing an artificial networkintellect Skynet, possessed self-consciousness fourteen years earlier and, without blinking an eye, turned against his creators and unleashed a nuclear holocaust against everything that is unsuspecting, humanity. Only one person knew that Judgment Day is coming. One person, whose fate was intertwined with the fate of human existence: John Connor.

Now the world is on the threshold of the future, about which Connorwarned his whole life. But something completely new happened that shook his faith in the victory in this war: the appearance of Marcus Wright, a stranger remembers only himself on death row, before he woke up in this strange new world.

Connor must decide whether Marcus can be trusted andtrust. But as Skynet is constantly improving and creating new strategies for the complete destruction of resistance, Connor and Marcus will have to start collaborating to repel the attack by making their way into Skynet's heart and face the enemy face to face.


June 4, 2009


action, adventure, fantasy, thriller


Joseph McG McGinty Nikol


Christian Bale (John Connor), Sam Worthington(Marcus Wright), Anton Elchin (Kyle Reese), Bryce Dallas Howard (Kate Connor), Moon Bloodgood (Blair Williams), Common (Barnes), Helena Bonham Carter (Serena Cohen), Arnold Schwarzenegger and Roland Kickinger (T-800 model 101), Brian Steel (T-600), Michael Ironside (General Ashdown), Linda Hamilton (Sarah Connor), Jada Grace Smith (Star), Chris Ashworth (Richter), Chris Browning (Morrison), Jane Alexander (Virginia)


John D. Brancato, Michael Ferris, David S. Wilson, Sean Ryan, Paul Haggis, Anthony Zuiker, Jonathan Nolan


Danny Elfman

Company Profile

The Halcyon Company, Warner Bros. Pictures, Columbia Pictures / Sony Pictures, BVSPR Sony

$ 200,000,000

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