The Book of EliAfter the universal catastrophe, America turned into a scorched desert. On the endless roads, swarming with gangs, warring among themselves for water and food, the wise Eli wanders.

One day he arrives at the gloomy edges where California once flourished, and now it's a total hell, where the tyrant Carnegie is rampaging.

By the will of fate, Eli gets acquainted with Carnegie's adopted daughter, the beautiful Solara, from whom he learns that her stepfather is working out a terrible plan to seize power on the whole Earth.

Eli must save the remnants of mankind from doomand protect the girl he had come to love with fervor. The key to the mystery of the power of the tyrant Carnegie is in the secret Book, in search of which the brave Eli is sent, armed only with a samurai sword.


14 January 2010


drama, fantasy, action


Albert and Allen Hughes


Denzel Washington, Gary Oldman, Mila Kunis, Ray Stevenson, Jennifer Beals, Evan Jones


Gary Whitta, Anthony Peckham

Company Profile

Warner Bros. Pictures


$ 90,000,000

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