Lotus and bamboo collectionThe composition includes:
  • Shower gel with loofah

  • Nourishing body lotion

  • Deocolon for the body

Shower gel with loofah

Mary Kay Loofah Body Cleanser: Lotus & Bamboo

Gel is ideal for daily useapplication, as it contains a number of skin care and exfoliating keratinized ingredients such as natural loofah fibers, mineral-rich powder of bamboo stalks and kiwi kernels that refresh the skin and fill it with vital energy.

Nourishing body lotion

Mary Kay Nourishing Body Lotion: Lotus & Bamboo

Lotion, enriched with an antioxidant - vitamin Eand conditioner sunflower oil, gently cares for the skin of the body, moisturizing and nourishing it. It consists of plant extracts of passionflower and blue lotus, thanks to which the Lotion refreshes the skin and makes it soft and smooth.

Deocolon for the body

Mary Kay Deo Body Spritzer: Lotus & Bamboo

Deokolon for the body combines the functions of perfumewater and deodorant. Deocolon "Lotus and bamboo" has a fresh invigorating aroma, and it includes an innovative neutralizing complex, "blocking" the smell of sweat, and also rich in antioxidant plant extracts of blue lotus and passionflowers.

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