The DNA of the Day

Skin aging is 80% due to exposureof the external environment. Solar radiation, stress, malnutrition lead to damage to the structure of the DNA of skin cells. DNA plays a major role in the regeneration of skin cells, so the health and youth of the skin depend on its integrity.

With age, the DNA's own ability to restore decreases, the negative effect on the skin cells accumulates, which leads to apparent aging of the skin.

Anti-Aging Program DNA is an innovative development of NIVEA VISAGE specialists, which brings youth back to the skin.
The DNA of NIVEA VISAGE is part of theAnti-Aging Program, which also includes Night Cream and eye contour Cream. A DNA with folic acid and creatine is a real achievement in the field of skin rejuvenation.

Active components:

  • Folic acid,

  • Creatine.


  • The DNA of the Day from NIVEA VISAGE Delivers folic acid - the most important vitamin for the synthesis of DNA - directly into the skin cells
  • Protects the structure of the DNA of the skin from the influence of unfavorable external factors
  • Stimulates renewal of skin cells
  • Contains sunscreen filter SPF15 for more effective protection against sunlight


  • A DNA with a unique combination of folic acid and creatine prevents wrinkles
  • The skin becomes more elastic and smooth.
  • Even deep wrinkles are markedly reduced.


  • Use daily.
  • Pre-clean the skin with cleansers from NIVEA VISAGE.

For optimal results, use the complex Anti-Aging Program of DNA from NIVEA VISAGE - Day, Night Cream and eye contour Cream.

Approved by dermatologists.

Suitable for all skin types.

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