LCD-TV series 8000LED - is a new type of flat-panel TVs, the main difference and advantage of which is the use as backlight lamps LEDs.

LED Series 8000 are a new breakthrough in the segmentTVs: excellent image quality, high frame rate, thin cases and technologies that turn the TV into a multifunctional entertainment center.

High image quality

LED technology allowed Samsung engineersmaximize the image quality of new TVs to reality. As the recognized world leader in the development of LED TVs, Samsung has focused all of its latest achievements on the 8000 series TVs. The image quality consists of four main components: contrast, definition, color coverage and brightness. LED technology makes it possible to significantly improve each of these factors.

LEDs provide a brighter backlight, anddue to the special structure of the substrate, light is reflected from it more evenly compared to the LCD TVs, which provides a bright and natural image. The sharpness of the image is displayed on the 8000 series TVs to a high level thanks to the application of the function Auto Motion Plus and a sweep frequency of 200 Hz.

This indicator ensures the replacement of fourframes in 1/50 of a second, rather than one, as in conventional 50 Hz televisions. Due to this, the contours of objects become clear, the jitter and smearing of the image disappear. With this indicator of frame rate, the quality of movie playback has reached a new level.

LED TVs 8000 series - this is the ideal centerultramodern home theater, because the frequency of 200 Hz completely brings the film to a closer look at home to the atmosphere of this cinema. The image became soft, the frames change natural and smooth, and each, even the smallest detail, is displayed clearly and naturally.

Advanced Features

Function Wide Color Enhancer Pro responsible for color coverage - it gives a wider color palette, bringing the display of colors to reality. Function LED Mega Contrast allowed to achieve the highest contrast, and the panel Ultra Clear Panel provides the most natural black color, which could not be achieved within the LCD technology.

New design

The design of new models is inextricably linked withengineering component. The thickness of Samsung's ultra-thin LED TVs with a built-in tuner is only 2.99 cm. The slim body creates not only an aesthetic appeal, but also expands the possibilities for installing a TV, which is further facilitated by a compact wall mount. With it, the gap between the wall and the rear panel of the TV is only about 15 mm, which makes it easy to hang it on the wall, like a picture. Case models are made by technology Crystal Design. The basis of the design concept was the desire to recreate the shape of a frozen drop of water in a crystal-like material.

Broad communication capabilities

Models of the 8000 series are more than justTVs. They reveal to the user incredibly wide possibilities thanks to the use of the first communication technologies. The TV has a pre-installed Flash content library, which can be downloaded from the network. Novelties also support playback of media content via USB protocol.

In addition, thanks to the support of the standard DLNA models of this series can broadcast multimedia content from a home PC or other devices in real time, that is, a TV series 8000 is a ready-made solution for the "smart house" and systems multiroom. Now, if you have a PC or a media server, you can create a multimedia space without much hassle, which until recently was fantastic.

A wide range of options is complemented by the USB port, withwhich can directly connect any external media with audio, video or photo files. Thus, the 8000 series TVs, thanks to their wide compatibility and high workability, are an excellent solution for viewing TV shows, video films, video games and many other entertainments.

Using environmentally friendly and energy-efficient components

Another proprietary technology - Samsung Dual Injection - makes the LED TV series 8000 not onlybeautiful, but also eco-friendly. It involves the use of two-component casting, which does not use spray paint, so in the production process is not released hazardous substances and waste, and the final product is almost completely recyclable.

In addition, thanks to the LEDs on average40% (compared to conventional LCD TVs) has reduced power consumption, which not only reduces electricity bills, but, on a global scale, leads to a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.

In the 8000 series, models with 40 "and 46" diagonals are available, which are available in retail at a price of 22,490 and 28,990 hryvnia, respectively.

LCD-TV series 8000
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