iPod nano
New version of music player iPod nano includes camcorder, microphone and loudspeaker. Now you can take pictures and watch videos everywhere.

The new iPod nano is incredibly thin and light, with a wider display of 2.2 inches and a stunning body of polished aluminum and glass in seven bright colors.


Built-in VGA The camcorder shoots with a resolution of 640 x 480 pixels and a frame rate of up to 30 frames / second. The sound is saved in AAC format.

Genius Mixes

Genius provides an opportunity to get a selection of songs on iPod nano. All you need to do is sync iPod nano with iTunes. Genius will automatically find in your librarycombining songs and create up to 12 mixes of Genius. These mixes based on genre similarity are similar to channels, the program of which completely consists of your music. A great way to rediscover songs that you have not heard or forgotten for a long time.

FM radio and Live pause

The new FM tuner shows the names of songs and namesperformers. If you had to distract yourself from your favorite radio station for a moment, iPod nano would allow it to be suspended in one motion. Another click - and you continue to listen. You can even rewind it for 15 minutes, and then go back to live broadcast.

VoiceOver. Speaks of many things

VoiceOver pronounces the name and the name of the artist of the song. Now you can choose music without looking at the screen.

Pedometer and Nike + iPod

The new pedometer will count every step you take. And with Nike + sneakers and Nike + iPod sports kit, iPod nano will be the perfect partner in training.


The built-in microphone and Dictaphone program will record the idea, reminder, lecture or any sound message.

iPod nano

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