altSwimsuit - an integral part of the summer women'swardrobe. And a huge role in his choice is played by fashion trends of the season. So, fashionable swimsuits of 2015 are a whole kaleidoscope of styles and colors. Stylists assure that among all this variety absolutely every woman will be able to choose a swimsuit that will suit her.

The most fashionable swimwear 2015: review of models

To the joyful jubilation of women of fashion in 2015 intrend will be both closed and separate swimsuits. So, among the fashionable swimsuit swimwear of 2015, it is worth emphasizing the style of monokini - a swimsuit, which connects the bodice and the smelting with a small piece of cloth in the center. On this model it is worth paying attention to the people who are resolute, courageous, even outrageous. Also popular in the upcoming season will be one-piece swimsuits with figured cutouts on the sides and deep decollete.

Fashionable swimsuits: summer 2016
Fashionable swimwear: spring-summer 2016
Fashionable swimsuits of 2016: photo

Actual in 2015 will be a model of tankini, ie, a swimsuit - a bikini with a T-shirt and panties. Some designers preferred variants of tankini with shorts and even skirts.altaltalt

But still the most fashionable swimwear in 2015become separate models of vintage styles. In particular, the trend of the upcoming summer season will be swimsuits with high panties and soft bodices in the style of the 50s of last century.altaltalt

Do not lose their relevance and bikini. And the fashion will be like the traditional styles of "triangles" and "curtains", and bikini with a strapless bodice - bando.altalt

As for the fashionable color scheme, the stylishswimsuits of 2015 are represented by a mass of color solutions. Deserved superiority goes to bright swimsuits, without which it is impossible to imagine this summer season. Swimsuits of black and white color will look equally impressive. Also in the trend prints and ornaments, mainly geometry, strips and flowers.

How to choose the right swimsuit

Variety of styles of fashionable swimwear 2015allows you to choose models that easily emphasize all the advantages and hide the shortcomings. So, for example, girls with a small chest suit swimsuits with the effect of push-up. Add the right volume and drapery on the bodice, bando, cross-section or fringe.

Fashionable swimwear for full women 2015: topical models and advice on choice

Choose a swimsuit that perfectly underlines the figure- the task, frankly speaking, is not easy. Especially if the parameters of this figure are far from the notorious 90-60-90. But, as shown by summer collections, this year to pick the perfect and at the same time a fashionable swimsuit can be and women with forms. About what swimsuit models will be actual in the summer of 2015, read in our article.

If, on the contrary, you need to visuallyTo reduce the big breast, it is necessary to operate to the contrary. Preferably a dark bodice, and the bra itself must be with wide straps and bones. Visually add length to the legs will help panties with a high line of hips and longitudinal patterns on the swimsuit. A hide the wide hips and volume in the waist will help swimsuit tankini. By the way, you can visually reduce the waist and using a swimsuit with a waist-hinged retro style.alt

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