altAn important part of the wardrobe of any fashionista istunic. First of all, women appreciate it for its versatility, practicality and style. And the simplicity of cut allows you to use tunics in both everyday and festive manner.

Fashionable women's tunic of 2016 hasspecific length - it is shorter than a typical dress, but longer than a shirt or T-shirt. This style allows you to experiment with different styles and embody even the most daring images.altaltalt

Fashion Tunics 2016: Topical Models

In the collections of 2016, fashion designersthey propagated natural naturalness. This trend has affected not only the actual styles, but also in fashion make-up. As for the popular women tunics of 2016, they are distinguished by natural color solutions and prints. So, for example, in a trend there will be vegetative, minimalistic, simple geometric and abstract drawings. No less relevant are tunics in ethnic style. Especially popular among fashion designers - the style of hippies and variations of voluminous tunics from the 80's. Quite a lot, designers, creating fashionable tunics this year, embodied the images of ancient goddesses. They used graceful folds of flowing matter, elegant golden embroidery and placer of artificial stones.altaltalt

As for the actual length, the mostIn 2016, the midi models became popular in tunics. Although the fashion shows, it was enough and short tunic, resembling mini-dresses, and long maxi.

With what to wear fashion tunics in 2016

Create an actual image based on the fashionThe tunic 2016 depends on its length. So, under the tunic-dress, it is necessary to choose fashionable colored pantyhose and tight pantyhose of black color. If you wear a short tunic as a blouse, then leggings or tights are best. You can also choose tight jeans and trousers. A short tunic can be tucked into shorts or a skirt, or you can wear a rundown. Another fashion variant is a cardigan or sweater put over the tunic. Long tunics already create an image. This year, stylists recommend combining tunic lengths maxi with massive jewelry.altaltalt

To emphasize the waist in a voluminous tunic,use a thin leather strap - another trend of 2016. But do not forget about the length - the tunic must necessarily reach the knees. Also try not to allow a discrepancy in the color scheme of the outfit. If there is a bright print on the tunic, then choose a monophonic ensemble for it. And it is better to choose shoes on a high heel or platform. Do not forget that shoes should be in the same style as the tunic you have chosen.

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