Tips for travelers: the rules for carrying baggage in an airplane

Going on a trip, increased attention is alwaysis given to luggage. It is important not to forget anything, but you do not want to overload yourself with superfluous things. This is especially true for air travel, because for additional baggage on the plane will have to pay.

There are differences between luggage and hand luggage. Under the luggage is meant a suitcase, which you hand over to a special cargo compartment, and hand luggage you take with you. And in the first and second case, you need to take into account the weight and dimensions that are acceptable for a particular carrier.

Permissible weight

In fact, the rules for carrying baggage depend on the country in which you fly and the company rules. Now in the world there are two main systems.

  1. Weighing is used in Asia, Europe and the CIS. According to this system, it is possible to carry baggage free of charge only if its weight norm is not exceeded.

  2. Economy class: 20 kg per passenger

  3. Business class: 30 kg

  4. Children under 2 years: 10 kg

Tips for travelers: the rules for carrying baggage in an airplane


  • Under the restrictions, only the total weight of the bags falls, and not the places that they occupy. Therefore, you can freely share your luggage in half and carry, for example, two bags of 10 kilograms.

  • For couples, baggage can be combined.

  • Each carrier individually sets the cost of one kilogram of preponderance, so please specify this information in advance.

  • The number of places is distributed in the countries of the Americas, but other states are gradually beginning to move to it.

  • In the economy class, one piece of baggage weighing 23 kg is allowed (for the USA and Canada - two places of 23 kg)

  • The business class can place its cargo in two places, but the weight of one unit should not be more than 32 kg.

Important! The total weight of suitcases is never summed up. Therefore, if one bag weighs below the norm, and the second one is higher, you still have to pay for the preponderance.

Another important point. The union of European airports recently adopted a rule heavier than the established rate. So, in addition to the excess fees, you will have to look for another bag to repackage excess items.

Tips for travelers: the rules for carrying baggage in an airplane

Information on dimensions

In addition to the weight of luggage, there are restrictions andconcerning the sizes. So, in the system of the number of places it is allowed to carry a bag, the size of which does not exceed 158 cm (the sum of three measurements), and if the system is weight, then the suitcase size should not be more than 203 centimeters.

  • If your cargo does not meet the norms for any indicator, it is considered oversized. It can be musical instruments, sports equipment or equipment.

  • Terms of transportation of such cargo need to be specified from the carrier and additionally pay.

  • For fragile luggage (household appliances or dishes)provided their own rules. During registration it is necessary to clarify that luggage can easily be damaged. Then they grab a special tag and load it into the luggage compartment, not by tape, but by hand.

Several prohibitions

So that you do not have difficulties in landing and surrendering your bags, you must always take into account that some things are strictly forbidden to carry in your luggage:

  1. Explosive and flammable substances (pyrotechnics, ammunition, gasoline, acetone).

  2. Compressed gases (any cans under pressure).

  3. Toxic and radioactive materials.

  4. Any corrosive and poisonous substances (acids, mercury, brake fluid, etc.).

  5. Weapons (including sports or souvenir) without permission.

Tips for travelers: the rules for carrying baggage in an airplane

Experienced travelers know that beforepacking of personal items, it is necessary to clarify all the details and prohibitions and permissible weight of luggage from the carrier. Despite the existence of common rules, some companies can change them at their own discretion.

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