Flowers for March 8: original painted bouquetsFlowers for March 8 - one of the most desired gifts for eachwomen. But you can give a bouquet of unusual flowers, the petals of which are painted in bright colors. How is this possible? Everything is simple enough! The Country of Soviets shares with you the secret coloring.

It is accepted that on March 8th they give tender and beautiful tulips, which are specially planted in the greenhouse. In addition, in the flower shop you can find any other flowers: orchids, daisies, gerberas, roses, chrysanthemums, mimosa, lilies. A variety of bouquets that can be donated at 8Martha, it's amazing. But in fact it is possible to make an unusual bouquet and to present amazing bright flowers on March, 8th. To do this, it is enough to use the technique of artificial coloring of flowers. Naturally, the question immediately arises: how to paint flowers?

Coloring the flowers in a variety of unusual shades are always handled by breeders. Thanks to their work, we can admire the tearoses, extraordinarily beautiful gladioli, striped chrysanthemums and dahlias. Almost all flowers are the result of breeding. Thanks to the hard work of the breeders, the colors of the petals, the size of the flowers and their resistance to pests and diseases have changed.

But all the same we will return to coloring. If you can not find in the store a cut flower on March 8th you need the shade, you can change the color of the plant on your own. To do this, you just have to stock up with some patience and certain materials.

Not all flowers are suitable for artificial coloring. Only fresh flowers should be taken for work. The longer a flower stands, the worse it will be stained. You should also pay attention to the color of the petals. With red or darker colors, it is impossible to achieve the desired result, therefore, such plants should not be taken. White flowers are best suited, in the extreme case - cream. Of all the variety of flowers you can take for coloring roses, tulips, carnations and chrysanthemums. With any other white flowers, you can also experiment.

Now we will tell in more detail how to paint a flower. To color the flowers, you should use food colorings. But even here it's not so simple. Do not use any food coloring, especially the one that glaze the icing on the cakes. Use a dye that will completely dissolve in water, staining it. Dilute the dye in the water at room temperature. The more dye you dissolve in water, the faster the flowers will color.

Sharpen the stalks with a sharp knife. Sections should be made at an angle of 45 °, and their lengthshould reach 2 cm. If you use roses, cut their stems in water. When you remove the stem of the rose from the water, press the cut with your finger so that it does not come into contact with the air. Now put the prepared flowers for the night in a vase of water, in which the dye is dissolved. In the morning you will see some changes. It takes you 24 hours to completely color.

If desired it is possible to carry out several experiments with dyes. So, for this, apply some techniques,which allow you to create different color effects. You can leave the flower in a container with a color of the same color for the night. Then change the water and the color of the dye in the morning. See how intricately the petals of flowers will be painted. Also, you can use the same color of the dye, but change its concentration in water. So you can get either a very bright flower, or gentle soft petals.

Please note that you not only flower petals are painted, but also its leaves and stem. For dyeing a woody stem, like a rose,it will take a lot longer. But the soft stems of tulips are painted very quickly. Also do not forget that staining always happens unevenly. The first are colored thick veins, along which the water passes. Only then comes the full color of the flower.

As you can see, painting the flowers is not a very difficult task. The main thing is adhere to certain rules:

  • use only fresh flowers

  • never clamp the stem during pruning

  • paint flowers only at room temperature

If you apply this simple method of staining, you will definitely have the brightest and most unusual flowers on March 8th. Try it, you will definitely like such bouquets!

Flowers for March 8: original painted bouquets
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