How to remove cockroaches

We all hate cockroaches, because fighting with theseinsects can sometimes be very difficult. The stores sell a huge amount of money that does not always help. Then how to get the cockroaches out so that they never appear again?

There are 2500 to 3600 species worldwidecockroaches. And not the fact that this is the final figure. A couple of years ago, another species of these insects was discovered on the island of Kalimantan. You should not immediately faint, because 80% of cockroaches live in the tropical zone.

With the remaining 20% ​​of this army have to fightresidents of cities and villages. People hate these insects, because on their legs they can bring into the house eggs of worms, a wand of dysentery and even provoke attacks of asthma. It is almost impossible to destroy them. You can only withdraw, but here you need a comprehensive approach:

  1. Folk methods and means of breeding cockroaches. (from 500 to 800 rubles)

  2. The call of pest control companies Martin York (from 1200 to 2000 rubles)

So how to get cockroaches out? This process should be approached in a comprehensive manner and with the head. Start the examination of the premises for the presence of cockroach nests. Once you find them - pour them with boiling water. From boiling water not only insects perish, but also their larvae. After treatment with boiling water, wipe dry the water and treat the nest with bleach so that the cockroaches again do not settle there.

How to remove cockroaches

After the discovery and destruction of nests of insects,you can use the standard set of chemicals that are sold in stores. Crayons "Mashenka", "Titanic" and "Arsenal" are quite effective and inexpensive. "Dohloks" is a syringe with a special gel. The principle of removing cockroaches with the help of gel and chalk is the same: smear the substance in places of congestion of cockroaches.

Traps "Raid" and "Combat" are also effective. But, before installing the traps, you should make sure that there are no crumbs of food lying around in the secluded places. At night you should tightly close the trash can, besides, it should be still empty and clean. In the evening, in any case, you can not leave food on the table. Also, make sure that the sink is dry at night. In general, it is best to block access to water in the dark. Ideally, traps should be set before leaving, say, on vacation. In this case, you minimize the risk of poisoning with chemicals by children and pets.

How to remove cockroaches, they also knowspecialists-pest control. They recommend full treatment of the room with different kinds of poisons. But here lies a trick. The word "house" means the word "house". If you live in a multi-storey house, in order to permanently remove insects, all apartments, common corridors, staircases, a basement and a mandatory chute must be processed. To achieve 100% of the effect of pest control, poisoning should be repeated twice. Only in this case you will have a guarantee that the insects will not return.

How to remove cockroaches

You understand that for many reasonsto agree on the disinsection of the whole house with all the residents is simply unrealistic. Therefore, if you poison cockroaches only in your apartment, expect that after a while they will return.

Folk ways to bring out cockroaches

There are also folk ways how to deducecockroaches. The most ancient of them: frost. Even in Russia, the villagers with them were so fought. In winter, they simply stopped heating the room and left for a couple of days to live with their neighbors. You can laugh, but at a temperature of + 5 ° C cockroaches fall into anabiosis, at -5 ° С will die in 30 minutes. At -7 ° C - in a minute.

How to remove cockroaches

Naturally, this method can not be repeatedresidents of high-rise buildings, so we will describe how to remove cockroaches by other folk methods. For humans, the powder of pyrethrum (dried and crushed flowers of the Caucasian chamomile) is almost harmless. Spray the powder in places of insects with a rubber pear with a calculation of 20 g per 1 sq. Km. m.

Another way to deal with cockroaches is borax. The borax powder is mixed with an equal amount of flour or powdered sugar and leave the bait for several days in various places. Be sure to close the water taps at night and make sure that the sinks and washbasins are dry. Cockroaches should not have access to water!


You can also buy in the pharmacy boric acid inpowder and mix it with one boiled potato and boiled yolk of one egg. Make out of this "treats for cockroaches" balls and leave them in the corners of the apartment. Take care that neither pets nor children can eat them!

And last, keep up the housepurity. You can also install on the ventilation pipes and drains of lattice shells with small cells, through which cockroaches can not climb through. And we advise to treat the toilet once a week with special means.

We also recommend contacting trusteescompanies whose activities are closely connected with the disinfestation and san processing, one of the such known in Moscow office of pest control Martin-York. In a special section they have kneaded more than a hundred of their customers' phones. Free line for combating cockroaches: 8 (800) 555-67-50. Perhaps, entrusting pest control to professionals, you can save a lot on their deduction.

How to remove cockroaches

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