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By applying a beautiful make-up, you can emphasizethe depth of the brown eyes, and also make them more expressive and attractive. The main thing is to choose the right funds according to the type of skin and correspond to the event that you are going to.

Daytime make-up for the brown eyes

Everyday make-up for the brown eyes should belight and discreet. It should emphasize all your strengths and hide faults, but at the same time remain virtually invisible. So, let's start making a natural step-by-step make-up, which will suit both dark brown and light brown eyes:

  • apply the foundation to the whole face and eyelids;

  • lightly powder the eyes;

  • take a brown or gray pencil and draw a thin line over the upper eyelid;

  • brown the mascara several times over the eyelashes;

  • brow comb and lightly give them a pencil.

If desired, a few light shadows can be applied to the upper eyelid. A step-by-step makeup lesson for the brown eyes can be found in the video.

Evening makeup for the brown eyes

Evening makeup should be bright, sexy and attractive. Here you can already afford darker colors of shadows and lip gloss. Everything is extremely simple. Follow the step-by-step instructions:

make-up for the day

  • apply a fixing agent on the face;

  • powder the eyelids;

  • take a black pencil, apply it on the inner eyelid with strokes and lightly shade with a brush or a finger;

  • apply a pencil on the outer eyelid, starting from the middle of the eye and moving to the outer corner, also slightly shade;

  • take dark gray or black mother-of-pearl shades with sparkles, brush a line, repeating the pencil drawing;

  • then apply pink shadows on the mobile eyelid, not reaching the edge of the eye;

  • use light shadows for the corner of the eye and under the eyebrows;

  • Apply eyelashes on black eyelashes, if you wish, you can use invoices, but this is not necessary;

  • Eyebrows are allocated in brown or black pencil, depending on your hair color.

Evening make-up choose under clothes. It can be green, pink, peach or gray. Lips can be highlighted with bright lipstick or glitter. Do not forget the "golden rule" - bright lips - tender eyes, tender lips - bright eyes.

make-up for the evening

Wedding make up

Wedding make-up should be easy and comfortable. The bride the whole day is at the center of everyone's attention, so she should feel good and confident. There are several rules of wedding make up that will make you the most charming and attractive:

  • Do not use new cosmetics or creams. They may not approach you or even cause an allergy;

  • makeup must fully comply with a thoughtful image;

  • try to make it in gentle pastel colors;

  • make a preliminary make-up. Try to repeat as much as possible the variant that you plan to make for the wedding;

  • cameras do not like sparkles. They appear in the pictures as a white spot or create a greasy sheen effect;

  • if you are not sure of your abilities, use the help of a specialist. An experienced make-up artist can easily help to hide your small flaws and make it more attractive and beautiful.

Makeup for the brown eyes should be comfortable andconvenient for you. If you do not use bright shadows or eyeliner, do not apply them. This applies to lipsticks. The main thing is that you yourself like the way you look.

make-up for the wedding

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