Boris Akunin - Worldwide Theater

A new novel by Boris Akunin "The whole world theater" will show the main character - a 55-year-old Erast Fandorin without his supermen invulnerability and in circumstances to which the illustrious detective was not ready.

"Fandorin is 55 years old, but he suddenly becomes younger andeven, it can be said, falls into adolescence. A test falls to him, to which he is not ready. This novel is about what happens to a superman, when he loses his superhumanity and invulnerability, "Akunin said.

According to the writer, the action of the book isin the fall of 1911, in the Moscow theater. In the course of the plot, the hero will have to investigate a particularly serious crime, and not one. The author also noted that in the novel there are characters from the previous books of the series and there is "a certain theme from the past."

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