Stephen R. Covey - 7 skills of highly effective people. Powerful tools for personal development

This book - world superbestseller, work number 1 on the topic of personal growth. It has had a great impact on the lives of millions of people around the world, including Bill Clinton, Larry King and Stephen Forbes.

Half of the world's largest corporations, included in the Fortune 500 rating, considered it their duty to acquaint their employees with the efficiency philosophy set out in the "Seven Skills".

What is this book about? First, this book sets out a systematic approach to the definition of life goals, human priorities. These goals are different for all, but the book helps to understand yourself and clearly formulate life goals. Secondly, the book shows how to achieve these goals.

And thirdly, the book shows how each personcan become better. And it's not about changing the image, but about real changes, self-improvement in fact. The book does not give simple solutions and does not promise instant miracles. Any positive changes require time, work and perseverance. But for people who are striving to realize the maximum potential inherent in them by nature, this book is a road map.

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