Specka M.V. - Creation of Web-sites. Self-Teaching
This book is a manual for beginners, which, in simple and illustrative examples, will teach the reader to create interesting and original Web-projects. Here, too, are questions advertising the site and attracting visitors on its pages.

It details the entire process of creating your own Web site, from the beginning of the planning of the future project to the final stage - the publication of the finished site on the Internet.

This book is intended for those who want to not only master the basic capabilities of HTML, but also to understand the more specific, complex features of this language. It contains set of useful recommendations and offers answers to the most common questions beginning users. The material is presented clearly and intelligibly, therefore the book can be useful to schoolchildren, students, businessmen and in general to everyone who by the nature of activity or voluntarily wants to develop Web sites independently.

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