James Clemens, The Witch's Fire
"The Fire of a Witch" - a real fantasy fantasy from James Clemens, his second creative pseudonym James Rollins, when he works in an adventure genre. This is the beginning of an amazing "witcher" saga, with all the ensuing consequences.

And the consequences are that if you start reading, there will not be a return! You just do not want to part with a pretty young and attractive girl Elena. You will deeply penetrate its tragic fate (loss of parents and sibling) under severe mystical circumstances.

Before it there is a choice - to harden ordevote yourself, your strength and ability to save the world from the Forces of Evil. In order to resist the pressure of the black forces, Elena needs to add to her fateful gift of witch the mysterious forces of ancient ancestors, who were imprisoned in the Bloody Diary many centuries ago.

The enemy is not slumbering. Fleeing from the rabid messengers of the Lord of Darkness, Elena is in exile. Around her like-minded people gather. But there is no time to unite their ranks, and Elena does not have to become stronger herself.

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