How to create a channel on YouTube

With a daily audience of a billion people, the siteYouTube continues to be the most popular video hosting on the Internet. The untwisted portal, translated into 78 languages, localized in 88 countries of the world, allows not only to watch video for free, but also to earn money on making commercials - Yutoub differs in its simplicity in design and ease of use. Today, YouTube is among the top three most visited sites in the world, and the continuous increase in the number of its regular users has led to the fact that it began to acquire signs of a real social network: personal profiles (own channels), messaging, likes, etc. Youtube easily inserted into Facebook, Twitter, VK and Odnoklassniki tapes, not to mention the possibility to leave comments, register subscriptions to favorite channels and much more.

Create a channel on YouTube and join the ranksmillions of owners of their own accounts at the most visited video hosting in the world today can be any user. To do this, it is necessary to carry out a number of simple actions, and the creation of a new channel for YouTube is usually started with registration with Google.

How to create a Google account

YouTube is owned by the world's giantInternet industry, so it's no wonder that registering on it requires the creation (availability) of an account on Google. If the latter is already available, then this section of our instruction can be omitted. It's as easy to create a Google account as you would on any other site. The ready-made instructions for creating an account looks like this:

  1. Go to and click the "Login" button:How to create a channel on YouTube

  2. If registration is made for the first time, choose "Create account": How to create a channel on YouTube

  3. Enter the registration data (it is recommendeduse your primary email, real name and phone number to be able to contact technical support, monetize your activity on YouTube, etc.). To create an account on Google, you need to fill out the following fields:

    • Name.

    • Surname.

    • Electronic box (will act as a user name).

    • Password.

    • Date of birth (YouTube can be registered to people who have reached the age of 18).

    • Floor.

    • Kapcha (automatic verification of the user when creating the first account).

    • Consent to the terms - "I accept the terms ... agree with the policy ..."

    How to create a channel on YouTube

  4. This completes the creation of the Google account: How to create a channel on YouTube

  5. Now to you as a new registeredto the user of Google, his numerous products become available, including the popular video hosting Youtube (just click on the button with small squares and select the YouTube icon in the drop-down menu): How to create a channel on YouTube

How to create a channel on YouTube

To create a YouTube channel, you need to do the following:

  1. Like the Google site, in the right corner we find the "Login" button:How to create a channel on YouTube

  2. Next we go to the authorization page, where you need to click on the icon of the little man and the button "Creative Studio":How to create a channel on YouTube

  3. The next step is the "Create channel" button:How to create a channel on YouTube

  4. Finally, it remains to make the last edits (correct the title, upload photos, etc.), then click the "Continue" button:How to create a channel on YouTube

  5. YouTube channel creation is complete! Now you can upload videos, customize your channel, create communities and much more:How to create a channel on YouTube

How to add a video to Youtube

Make your own channel popular will only help other interesting video users. How do I upload videos to YouTube? To achieve this goal, the step-by-step instruction will again help us:

  1. While in your account on Youtube, in the upper right corner you can find the button "Add video":How to create a channel on YouTube

  2. If you plan to upload videos longer than 15 minutes each, you will have to undergo a simple procedure to re-confirm your authorization. Click on "Increase Your Limit": How to create a channel on YouTube

    Mark and fill in the required fields, then click on the "Send" button:

    How to create a channel on YouTube

    In the drop-down box, enter the verification code, which should come in the form of SMS to the phone number specified at registration of the account, and again click "Send":

    How to create a channel on YouTube

  3. After that, you will only have to download the clips stored on your computer: How to create a channel on YouTube

  4. As soon as the video is uploaded to YouTube hosting, you will receive the message "Processing completed", after which the video can be published on your channel (the "Publish" button): How to create a channel on YouTube

Also you can see the link to the downloaded video, which you can use, for example, advertising your video to friends and acquaintances:

How to create a channel on YouTube

How to create a second channel

Creators of video hosting Youtube provided forthe ability to create multiple channels on the same account. For example, on one of them you can upload videos devoted to your hobby, on the other - work, etc. What should I do to create a second channel for Yutoub?

  1. We go in the settings menu Youtube (click on the button with the gear): How to create a channel on YouTube

  2. if you already have at least one channel, in the drop-down box you will see a clickable message "Show all channels or create a new one": How to create a channel on YouTube

  3. The rest of the actions are identical to the above (button "Creative Studio", button "Create channel", etc.)

How to make your videos popular on YouTube?

Enthusiasts have calculated that in order toView all available on YouTube, you have to spend about 600 years. But this figure is growing every minute! Obviously, it's possible to attract the attention of viewers only with the help of really interesting video materials. But is this enough? No, because the competition on the Internet, in the first place, implies the work to promote its content. In the case of a video on YouTube, the following simple steps will do the same:

  • The title and description of the video should include words from queries that users will enter in their browsers (for example, "how to breed hamsters").

  • Be sure to advertise your videos on social networks (SSM-marketing), invite your friends to subscribe to their channel on YouTube.

  • Work on increasing the number of subscribers of your channel, because they are guaranteed to be interested in all the new videos, and from them you will receive the desired likes.

Analyze the statistics for viewing certain videos (including whether the user watched the video to the end) in order to understand what content is most interesting to subscribers of your channel.

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