EyeshadowYou will certainly like a convenient mini-boxwith a delicate floral pattern and a transparent window, through which you can see a unique shade of shadows. She will always be in your purse. You can choose one shade of shadows or combine several, for an even more interesting effect. The composition of the formula of these shadows includes an extract of chamomile, which is known for its soothing properties.

Thanks to this, the shadows have a very delicate texture and are easy to apply, you do not even need a brush! Convenience, fashionable shades, modern design - you can not resist!


Take a finger a few shadows, apply them evenly to the eyelid. Spread from the inner corner of the eye, and distribute them towards the outer corner.

A little trick:

  • To visually enlarge your eyes and brighten your eyes, apply a white rainbow shade with a light halo around the entire eye, not forgetting about the brow arc - the light will be attracted to your eyes.

  • You can use this shade together with another color of the shadows to soften the look.

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