More and more office employees today need characteristics that until quite recently were the lot of monitors for games and entertainment.

Therefore, a 23-inch widescreen monitor Samsung F2380 is oriented to the mass market, includingoffice segment, and at the same time, maximum attention is paid to the quality of the image and the accuracy of the color rendering. For designers, photographers, engineers, these factors are fundamental. Using monitors F2080 it is possible to provide personnel with high-quality equipment at a very reasonable price.

The guarantee of the highest quality images in F2380 became a new matrix C-PVA. According to its characteristics, it is not inferior to matrices S-PVA, which are used in professional monitors, but has a significantly lower cost. F2380 is 100% consistent with the sRGB color standard. The static contrast of the novelty is 3000: 1 - an excellent indicator for the modern market. The revolutionary matrix allows you to display colors as naturally and naturally as possible. All the smallest details in the dark areas of the screen are drawn with maximum accuracy.

The design of the monitor is almost 100% utilitarian. The monitor case and the stand panels are made of matte black plastic. The surface of the screen is black and matte. The frame around the screen is very thin - 15 mm and protrudes from the screen surface by only 2.5 mm. The telescopic stand of the stand is made of an aluminum alloy with a black anodized surface.

The supporting element of the base is figurativelystamped thick steel sheet. The stand and the base are covered with plastic covers. The stand has several adjustments - height (range 130 mm), tilt (forward 1 ° and back to 20 °) and turn left-right, - and allows you to flip the screen in portrait orientation.

The monitor is equipped with two digital inputs DVI-D(HDCP supported) and one analog VGA input. If the signal from the current input is lost, the monitor automatically attempts to switch to the other, but this behavior can be turned off in the setup menu.

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