altFashion strap in its importance is not at allis inferior to other accessories. It not only allows you to complement the outfit, bring a color accent and refresh the image, but also emphasizing the waist, create a beautiful feminine silhouette. As you already understood in the new season without a stylish strap can not do. Therefore, we suggest you to find out which belts will be fashionable in the forthcoming spring-summer season of 2015 and will be discussed in our article.

Women's fashion belts 2015: current width

Regarding belts, fashion is more "calm" - sharpchanges and innovations in the trends of this season is not observed. Briefly you can characterize fashion with regard to belts in 2015 so: the belt must necessarily complement the outfit, but not take over the main attention. Actual will be wide and thin belts, as well as belts in two or more rows. Now let's look at the details.

Most designers do notlimited. However, the stylists still advise choosing a belt directly under the clothes, so that the outfit looks complemented and harmonious. True, a fashionable thin belt is appropriate in almost any outfit, because it looks very laconic and calm. In order to emphasize the waist, choose a thin braided strap - the trend of 2015. Also in the trend is an indicative but thoughtful negligence. Stylists recommend not to tie a belt by all the rules. It's enough just to casually tie it around your waist. But you need to do this very carefully, so as not to cross the thin line between thoughtful negligence and slipshoot.altaltalt

In the fashion collections of this year there are alsowide straps, perfectly emphasizing the waist or thighs of a girl. In 2015, stylists advise to combine wide belts with light tunics, dresses in the floor and with elongated fitted jackets made of thin and light material.altaltalt

Fashionable Women's Belts 2015: Materials and Decor

The imagination of designers is boundless. They offer this season belts from a variety of materials. The most fashionable stylists called lacquered and smooth leather, as well as its substitutes, luxurious natural and artificial suede, textiles, duplicating the fabric of the main garment (costume, for example), material simulating gold or silver. In the summer, of course, textile models are preferable. Especially in honor natural fabrics: cotton, linen, satin, silk.

The main elements of the fashion of women's belts2015, you can call decorative elements and shining details, which can be rhinestones, bright translucent stones, sequins and beads. Women's belts with metal inserts will also be popular.altaltalt

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