altNo real woman can imagineimagine life without this accessory. It is the bag that is an integral part of the stylish image, and its choice should be approached thoroughly. Well, to choose a stylish bag you need to orient yourself well in the fashion trends of the season. Therefore, we suggest you to find out which women's bags will become the most relevant in 2015.

Fashionable bags 2015: the most current models

In 2015, the world's designers remainpractical, therefore convenient capacious bags do not leave fashionable displays. Trapezium bags of medium size with short handles are almost always in trend and this season was no exception. Fashionable will remain valets, made of both genuine leather of noble shades, and decorated with voluminous printed patterns and floral patterns. The main feature of the fashionable carpet bags of 2015 will also be short handles and medium sizes.altaltalt

Traditionally it is believed that a clutch is a purse onexit. However, modern urban trends prove that clutch is a perfect accessory for every day. This handbag, of course, does not have much practicality or special functionality, but it perfectly complements any image. If we talk about the most relevant models in the form of clutches, in 2015 the hits will be medium-sized clutch envelopes and small bags-cases. Also, many designers presented models of small clutches, reminiscent of wallets.altaltalt

Also, this year's designers also focused onfashionable women's backpacks. Popular are leather, textile, suede models. In 2015, fashion designers offer to carry a backpack not behind their shoulders, but as an ordinary bag - in his hand.altaltalt

Fashionable women's bags 2015: actual colors and materials

Among the main fashion materials for bags is genuine leather. Popular are bags made of lacquered, matte and embossed leather. Suits, suede, textile, denim bags will not lose their relevance.

How to choose the right bag: tips for choosing the right bag

How to choose the perfect bag? This question was asked every time in real life by every real woman. First, the ideal bag should be high-quality, and secondly, it is necessary to match the fashion trends. Therefore, we suggest you to find out which women's bags are always in fashion and how to choose the right quality bag from our article.

altAs for the color scheme of fashionable women's bags2015, the trend is mainly natural colors: simple, but juicy shades of red, green, purple. Unchanged are the classic black, gray-brown, white, beige tones. Especially popular with women of fashion will use handbags with decor elements: with picturesque paintings, embossed ornaments, appliqués and embroideries. No less relevant will be women's bags with catchy inscriptions. The color and size of the font varies from one-color slogans to multi-colored logos.altalt

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