altMany brides have become fucked up by traditional whiteWedding Dresses. In search of diversity, someone puts on colored dresses of pastel tones, someone complements the white dress with bright accessories. And there are brave brides who decide on the most important day in their lives to wear a wedding gown of an unconventional shade. About these bright and unusual wedding dresses, as well as their meaning, we will tell in our article.

Fashionable wedding dresses: bright models

In our minds, the thought thatThe wedding dress must certainly be white - this is the tradition. In fact, the white dresses of the bride began to wear only about two hundred years ago. And up to this point the bride was much brighter.

Let's start our review of bright wedding dresses withblue wedding dress. By itself, the blue color symbolizes fidelity and love. A gentle blue dress will suit every girl, as it refreshes the image. Especially harmoniously this dress will look at the bride with blond hair, fair skin and gray eyes. But it will look beautiful on a brunette or brown-haired woman. Beautiful models of blue dress - in the style of vintage. Also, the blue outfit will be an excellent solution for a themed wedding.alt

Pink wedding dress is a symbol of femininity,beauty and youth. This color dress will look nice on the young bride. But for older brides it is better to wear a dress of a dark pink shade. Also note that the pink dress should be simple, as a heap of layers and all sorts of ryusha will make it not a beautiful outfit, but a circus suit.altalt

Yellow wedding dress symbolizes hope,joy, positive. This option will ideally look at any female representative. Especially well bright shades of yellow are in harmony with dark skin and dark hair.altalt

Fashionable wedding dresses: extraordinary models

Red color symbolizes success,activity, vitality, passion. Is it because of this reason in Russia that the girls went under the crown in red sarafans? It is also believed that this color brings good luck and happiness in family life. But the red wedding dress does not fit shy and conservative women. After all, in such a dress the bride will be the main focus of attention.alt

Purple wedding dress symbolizestolerance, dignity, unity. A fantastic color that brings a dreamy mood. A purple wedding dress will suit dreamy and naive girls.alt

Black is not such a mourning color, as is customaryconsider. Black wedding dress symbolizes perfection and elegance. The choice of a black wedding dress is a challenge to society, because not every bride will risk putting it on the wedding ceremony. With a black wedding dress, pearls, diamonds or crystals will be well combined.alt

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