altTo the choice of a wedding dress, every womanis very moving, because everyone knows that it is to the bride's dress that the admiring glances of the guests will be riveted. Therefore, today we offer you to find out which wedding models will be relevant in 2015 and how to choose your perfect wedding dress.

Fashionable wedding dresses 2015: colors, fabrics and styles

In 2015, designers returned to the classicsand traditions. So, most of the fashionable wedding dresses of this year have an A-shaped silhouette. Sleeves are preferable long, to the wrist or, as a last resort, 3/4. There are many options: they can be made from the same fabric as the bodice, or underlined by other tissues. In this case, lace is preferable in all its variations, especially the most subtle and intangible. Also in fashion are curvy skirts and all sorts of patterns and embroideries.altaltalt

Popular in this season will be the followingmodels: empire, "mermaid", dresses in Greek style and dresses made in retro style of the 60s. By the way, vintage wedding dresses except feminine silhouettes will combine one of the main trends of 2015 - retro style.altaltalt

But the color of the wedding dress in 2015 maybe any. So, the models of blue, turquoise, gray, pink and even mint shades outshine the more traditional colors. But with this powdery, the color of ivory, but, of course, white will not lose its relevance.altaltalt

It is worth noting that the wedding dresses of thisSeasons are distinguished by femininity, luxury and elegance. Fashion designers use noble and expensive fabrics for them: satin, lace, satin, silk, organza, taffeta, guipure, chiffon.

How to choose a fashionable wedding dress according to the figure

The most important thing when choosing a wedding dress is notrush. It is better to start looking for suitable models in advance, so that closer to the day "X" already have a complete idea of ​​how you want to see your wedding dress.

Start choosing a wedding dress will be appropriate withviewing magazines of wedding fashion. Already at this stage, you can determine for yourself the main directions: do you want dresses lush and richly decorated or, conversely, dresses laconic cut with a modest finish. After that, you can go to the wedding salons in search of your dream dress. And in this case, these practical recommendations will not be superfluous:

  • for one day it is better not to attend more than 3-4 wedding salons, otherwise all the dresses will simply "merge" into one solid white mass;

  • with itself it is necessary to invite a person whose taste causes confidence (mother, close friend, finally, the groom);

  • do not need to paint abundantly, intending to go to the wedding salon, and lipstick during dress fitting and does not have to be at the bride's lips;

  • during the fitting, the wedding dress should be worn the same way as during the celebration, otherwise it is simply impossible to understand whether the dress is sitting well on the figure;

  • during the fitting of the wedding dress, you should move more, checking whether it is comfortable in this dress to stand, sit, walk;

  • be sure to check the quality of tailoring the dress, it should not be any defects.

altA wedding is one of the happiest events inlife, and therefore it should not be overshadowed by any unpleasant impressions or sensations. Let the chosen wedding dress be exactly what you dreamed about, and sit just as you wanted!

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