altThe choice of a bag is a responsible andInteresting. Moreover, the bag is an accessory that can both save your style and completely destroy it. So let's find out how to choose the right quality bag that will serve you more than one fashionable season, and it will not lose its relevance.

Fashionable Women's Handbags 2015: A Variety of Styles and Models

First, let's see what kind of women's bags remain in fashion almost always and at the same time are practical and convenient.

One of the most beloved models in women is the baghobo. Most often this is a three-dimensional bag with one compartment, closed with a zipper, which is worn on the shoulder, snug against the body. Hobo is always made from very soft materials that do not have a rigid shape. Hence this model got its name, because it is so similar to the hobo knot worn by vagabonds.alt

A three-dimensional bag (or a bag-tote, a tote bag) isAnother model that does not lose its relevance from season to season. It is an everyday spacious bag with two handles. A bag of this type can be an ordinary "shopping" for shopping, and maybe a large, but neat handbag as large as two A4 sheets. Usually the bags of this model are made of leather and have one stylish clasp.altalt

Another model that also remainspopular in 2015 - a postman's bag. It is also very roomy and comfortable. The classic version of the postman's bag is a small rectangular leather handbag. It is possible to wear such a model over the shoulder and, as a rule, is represented in restrained natural tones.alt

The next option this year is relevant, asnever. This is a hand bag (or handheld bag) - a small handbag with one or two short handles, which can only be worn in the hand. This model, usually rectangular or square, has a rigid frame.alt

Well and a handbag which should be in a wardrobeevery modern woman - clutch. This is a small handbag that is worn in the hands or on a thin chain. Depending on the size, it can perform the function of an evening accessory or the role of an everyday bag.altalt

The best bag: how to choose a quality women's bag

But which bag to choose from all thisdiversity? Quality! Fashion and models can change, but quality is always appreciated. Therefore, the ideal bag should first of all be of good material with strong handles and convenient fasteners, pockets. Of course, the best version of the material is genuine leather. Although even well-known brands release from time to time bags of leatherette, which are not inferior to natural counterparts in strength. Also, when choosing a bag, you should pay attention to the lining, seams, the presence or absence of locks, zippers, pockets.alt

Choosing a bag is important to take into account and to whatstyle it refers to. After all, the ideal model is one that is combined with your own style. So, for example, if you like bright clothes, then do not deny yourself and in bright bags. A stylish image can be obtained and combining a classic white blouse with a bright color bag. It will only refresh your image and give it a little hooligan coloring.alt

If he talks about the size of an ideal bag, then inThis year, designers are increasingly inclined to medium-sized models. For example, the ideal option for every day will be a small backpack, a postman's bag, an average bag or a bulk clutch.altalt

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