Master-class: how to make oat soap-scrub in a bag

Our master class is dedicated to home cosmetics. A scrub and soap in one bag made by one's own hands is a vintage note for all lovers of natural products.

You will need:

You will need

  • 227 oat flakes (not shredded, without any sweeteners, natural or artificial, no matter what additives, pieces of nuts and fruits);

  • bowl for mixing with high beads (large enough);

  • grater (it is better to take a separate grater, especiallyintended for home cosmetics or creativity, because it is not so easy to thoroughly wash it off from soap slices: even though soap and soap bases are mostly natural, their presence in food is still undesirable);

  • glass measuring cup;

  • 113.5 grams of base for soap (here is used a version of the base with goat's milk, but you can take whatever you want, however, oats combine with milk very well);

  • aromamaslo (safe for the skin, any flavor);

  • any mold for soap (it does not matter what form, but it is large enough for 115 grams of soap);

  • pipettes and rubber gloves;

  • microwave;

  • bags of muslin (measuring 7.5 x 13 cm).

It is not necessary to take muslin as a fabric,although this is the best option. In any case, the fabric should be strictly natural, best of all - cotton, fine-woven and, if possible, unpainted (or painted as qualitatively as possible - the outer side of the pouch will be used as a bast and leave the dye on the skin if it was bad attached). Do not take synthetic fabrics and fabrics with too dense weaving!

If you take the specified number of products, you will get a filler for 5-6 bags.

Prepare the soap:

Prepare the soap

Step 1. Put on gloves. Take the entire base for soap and put it in a glass measuring cup, and then put in a microwave oven, setting the average heat for 30 seconds. Repeat heating, every time checking the state of the substrate - it should become liquid. If necessary, stir.

Do not forget to cool the base a little before putting it back in the oven again! To do this, enough of her stay at room temperature for 1 minute.

Step 2. Using a pipette, add 3 ml. butter in the base and mix thoroughly. Here it is a red grapefruit oil, but you can take any.

Step 3. Pour into mold and leave to harden for at least 1-2 hours.

Hint: if you often cook soap and you just left extra pieces, you can use them - the "freshness" of soap here does not play a special role. Or initially take the usual baby soap.

Step 4. Scrub all the cooked soap on the grater, collecting the shavings in a bowl with high sides.

Prepare the soap

Make yourself a scrub:

When you make it, you need to proceed from this proportion:

  • 2 parts of oats;

  • 1 part of grated soap.

Step 1. Measure the right amount of oatmeal.

Make yourself a scrub

Step 2. Mix them with grated soap and stir with your fingers (it's easier and faster than a spoon, besides, the shavings will retain its shape). Do not forget before that about gloves.

Make yourself a scrub

Step 3. Pour 3-4 tablespoons of the mixture into each bag of muslin.

Step 4. Firmly tie it with a thread and use it as a soap.

Make yourself a scrub

Attention! This soap-scrub - one-time. After use, open the bag and shake out its contents. The bag itself can be used as many times as necessary, if it is washed, allowed to dry and then refilled with fresh mixture, but the "old" mixture must be discarded - after one use from the flakes, almost nothing remains.

Do not leave the bag after use in the bathroom, just like a normal loofah! From humidity with the flakes remaining inside, irreversible changes can occur, and the burlap itself will also be spoiled.

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