Congratulations on the Year Sheep in verse

Festive feasts, guests, merry turmoil -all this awaits us very soon, and often in several stages. First, there is a corporate party at work, then we will necessarily meet with friends, before a direct celebration we will visit our parents, and, at last, the main holiday at the home table.

Rarely when the New Year passes without noisy toastsand congratulations, and you need to prepare for this in advance - congratulations in the poems are always relevant and suitable for any company. In December we part with the Blue Horse, and we will meet the Year of the Sheep - we have prepared for you several cheerful New Year congratulations in verse.

For example, these poems are perfect for congratulating the older generation on the holiday:

Year Sheep knocking at the door

Her turn has come!

We wait for the sheep and very much believe -

She will bring luck!

We wish you health, happiness,

Love, luck in business

Let all the bad weather pass you by,

Let the smile shine on your lips!

Congratulations on the Year Sheep in verse

Year of the Sheep, brilliant and bright

In our life quickly came.

Happiness, laughter, smiles and gifts -

The year will begin and last well!

We wish you warmth and comfort,

Health strong and no problems!

In the New Year's last minutes

We do not think about bad at all!

The long-awaited bright holiday!

Were waiting for both old and young

What year is now coming?

Who are the Horses of our brother?

Sheep's year in law enters,

Soon the door to us will knock,

We are ready - open!

Here are the keys from the doors!

Let happiness be a full house!

Health multiplies, grows stronger,

Let the sun shine outside the window,

Warmth in winter does not hurt!

We in the year Sheep wish you

Forget about sorrows and troubles

Let the money fall to the feet,

May the year be a complete victory!

Congratulations on the Year Sheep in verse

For friends and close people, such good congratulatory verses are perfect:

Friends, let's not be sad -

We are waiting for an amazing year!

Outside the window, long blizzards for revenge,

Get ready for the holiday, people!

Heat and Love Promises Sheep -

We are waiting for the arrival with impatience!

Open to the good fortune of the heart,

And a year will surprise with pleasure!

I wish you a wonderful holiday this holiday.

The sea of ​​happiness, love, beauty and good.

Let every day be more interesting,

Let it not be found in a purse of silver!

You trust Sheep - this year will be great!

Happy and bright, and easy in business.

Meet her with a beautiful mood!

And let the holiday last until trembling at the feet!

In solemn and light this evening

Let it be cold and the snow knocks on the window,

On the table we will put festive candles -

We wait for the sheep for a long time.

We are waiting for surprises, amazing discoveries

And, despite a lot of hassle,

We wish you happiness and joyful events,

Their year Sheep will save you!

Congratulations on the Year Sheep in verse

At the New Year's table, which is covered for colleagues, too, it is impossible, to remain silent - for this case, such congratulations with the year Sheep in verse:

It is coming, the sheep year is coming,

It's already booming outside the door,

The people are already gathering

For the Christmas carousel.

We from Sheep do not expect a dirty trick,

We are waiting only for happiness and good luck,

And this year will not be bad

Neither you nor us - nor otherwise!

Let it be cold and snow to the knee

But we can not spoil the mood!

We will meet the year Sheep by all means

Let's celebrate, as it should, friends!

Let's raise the glasses, let's say toast!

Around the fun flows like a river,

Let the previous year we were given and not easy,

But in the year of the Sheep our spirit is fighting!

Do not be shy to congratulate each other with cheerful verses and toasts - raise glasses and enjoy the New Year!

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