Congratulations on the New Year in verse
The ringing of glasses with champagne, everyone's fun,a warm and friendly atmosphere - without all this, the New Year somehow does not even seem to be. If you celebrate the New Year in a large collective or organize a corporate New Year party, then New Year's greetings and toasts will certainly come in handy. Learn or write down a couple of original poetic congratulations and you will be prepared for the insidious phrase of the presenter: "And now the word is given ...".

As an example, here are some remarkable verse greetings for the New Year. All rights to the poems belong to their authors.

Happy New Year,

I wish you happiness and joy!

All who are single are married.

All who are in the litter, make up.

About the insults to forget.

To all who are sick, to become healthy,

Blossom, rejuvenate.

To all who are skinny, to become thicker,

Too fat to lose weight.

Too clever is to become simpler,

Not far off - wiser.

All gray - so that they darkened,

So that bald hair

On the vertex thickened,

Like Siberian forests!

To make songs to dance

Did not cease never.

Happy New Year,

With new happiness!

May the misfortune pass us by!


With an open heart and love

We wish you happiness and health!

Let the New Year with happiness new

In your house the owner will enter

And together with the smell of spruce

Success and joy will bring!


Happy New Year, congratulations!

We wish you happiness with all your heart!

To live this year for you

Without sadness and worries.

To successfully work for you,

And on a holiday to have fun,

And good luck in your business,

And smiles on my lips.

So that love would blossom like a rose,

And it did not wither from frost,

And the kids are full of house,

Be happy in everything!


New Year let him caress,

Happiness in life will bring.

Let the hope warms,

And let fate save!


Under the New Year and the sounds of a waltz,

Under the battle of the clock, we wish again,

Raise a glass for peace and happiness,

Hope, faith and love!


Happy New Year!

Let it start with a new takeoff

To the best living standards

And a good score in the bank

Will bring in the affairs of the agreement,

In his personal life - a lot of happiness,

And in love - a big return,

This is also luck!

Let him give the joy of meeting

On New Year's snowy evening

And will extend for many years

Suddenly there is light in the souls.

With new happiness! Happy New Year!

With a new twist in life!


Happy New Year,

And from the bottom of my heart I wish,

So that on your tree,

Instead of festive animals,

Fascinated with half a dozen

Half-liter bubbles.

To Santa Claus from happiness,

Shchurya drunk eye,

The most delicious, the sweetest

I treated you with champagne!


Let the New Year on an icy season

The angel will bring you a crystal glass.

A snowflake sparkling on the bottom will drop,

And over-bubbly happiness will pour.

And let in a golden-radiant cocktail

It mixes everything: snowfall, starfall.

To remember his fragrance for a long time.

Let the angel leave you for a hangover

The nectar of admiration. Just a sip.

Adding there kindness and fun,

And the sadness of three drops, so that a little bit of zheg

Heavenly drink lovely lips.

So that you sometimes remember,

Who was suspiciously rude to you,

Hiding love under sarcasm with a shield ...


Health, joy and happiness

We wish you the New Year.

So that neither anxiety nor adversity

Did not watch at the gate.

So that the sun gently shone,

Suddenly everything that the heart is waiting for,

And just to be happy

Your whole life, like this year!


The blue planet is flying,

My own year is not easy remembering.

In your cozy room

The salad smell, the crackling of candles,

As a moment of fate - hours of blows,

The heart is going to shrink in silence,

Then the table, wine, guitar,

And the noise of solemn speeches.

Friends! We all love you very much,

We wish you happiness and goodness!

Toast wishes we will not forget

Devastating for you to the bottom!


Let the snow fall on the shoulders,

The glasses are ringing, the stars are shining,

And every person believes,

What to test yourself is not too late.

Let's celebrate, friends!

Otherwise, it simply can not be.

Destiny you bright and good

With all my heart I wish.


A winter holiday is on the way,

The old year is leaving us,

The New Year is knocking on the door.

Let it be with a blizzard and a powder

He will bring all the good things:

Children - joy, as before,

Adults - happiness and hope.

Let the New Year Father Frost

Gives happiness a whole load,

Health strong in addition,

In all conceived luck,

Peace, friendship, jokes, affection,

To life was like in a fairy tale!


Let the snowflakes shower you,

Let your eyelashes white!

Happy New Year, I congratulate you

Happy year of happiness and a year of love!


Old year goes away

Leaves without a refund,

The thread of cares is leaving,

Which we do not need

And it will sink into oblivion,

What was desirable for us,

Who was in love and was loved.

Unexpectedly - unexpectedly,

The names go away,

Moments, looks, songs

Time is running out.

Where it was so wonderful!

Farewell, Old Year,

Good-bye, not good-bye

New Year is coming to us

And he gives promises!

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