How to clean the carpet?Despite the fact that the modern assortmentflooring impresses with its diversity, the good old carpets do not lose their popularity. But sooner or later any "carpet-gardener" faces the problem of cleaning the carpet from dust and stains. How to clean the carpet at home?

Cleaning the carpet may be necessary in several cases. Sometimes the carpet looks clean, but badsmells, because it absorbed the smells of pets and food. The carpet can also simply be dusty with time. Or the most unpleasant thing - you put a spot on the carpet. How to clean the carpet in each of these cases?

The easiest way to clean the carpet at home is use a vacuum cleaner. If you vacuum your carpet regularly, it will nothave time to get too polluted. But the old "well-deserved" carpets get dirty faster than new ones, and one vacuum cleaner may not be enough. Then it makes sense to use a carpet cleaner.

The choice of agent depends on the type of contamination and the type of carpet (material, density and length of the pile, etc.). But the principle of the majority of carpet cleaning agents is the same: they collect dirt particles, dissolve them and, as it were, lift dirt up to the surface of the carpet, where it can easily be removed with a vacuum cleaner. The exact way to clean the carpet depends on the particular remedy; Usually the cleaning instruction is written on the packaging. But keep in mind that if there are spots on the carpet, you first need to remove the stain, and then clean the carpet with the remedy.

You can also clean the carpet with folk methods. For example, in winter many housewives resort to snow cleaning. It is necessary to lay out the carpet on the snow (always clean!), Sweep the broom with snow, wait until it absorbs dirt, and sweep the snow off the carpet. If necessary, you can repeat this procedure several times.

Or try clean the carpet with salt: take a large table salt, thicksprinkle the carpet on it. After a while, wash the hard broom in hot soapy water and notice the salt. As far as the pollution, the broom needs to be rinsed in water. And to refresh the color, you can clean the carpet vinegar solution. First, the carpet should be vacuumed, and then prepare a solution of vinegar (1 tablespoon vinegar per liter of water), moisten the brush in it and clean the carpet in the direction of the nap.

Dark carpets can be cleaned tea brewing - it illuminates the color and gives a lively shine to the nap. To do this, spit tea leaves are wrapped in gauze, squeezed, scattered on the carpet and swept away with a broom. And light carpets cleaned sawdust. It is necessary to prepare a mixture of washing solution and gasoline, lightly moisten the sawdust in it, evenly distribute them on the carpet and sweep them with a broom.

But these methods are good for light pollution. And how to clean the carpet from the stains? The choice of the means depends on what exactly the stain was placed, as well as the size and "age" of the stain (ie, fresh or stale). When removing fresh spots (regardless of the source of pollution), one rule should be observed: blot the spot from the brim to the center, in the opposite case it will only become larger.

To remove from the carpet fat stain, you can sprinkle it with talc or chalk, thencover with a sheet of blotting paper and iron with a hot iron. And you can use sawdust soaked in gasoline; they need to be put on the stain for a few hours (preferably at night).

Spots from alcoholic beverages First, wipe with a detergent solution in warm water, and then rinse with a solution of vinegar in warm water. Spots from fruit juices and red wine are taken out with cold water with ammonia, and from tea, coffee and cocoa - cold water with glycerin (tablespoon per liter of water). A few more ways to combat stains of different origins are described in the article "How to remove stains".

Universal stain remover is made of detergent, ammoniaand vinegar. For its preparation you need to take 3 tsp. means for washing dishes (any brand, if only colorless) and a quarter of a glass of ammonia and vinegar. All this must be dissolved in 7-8 liters of water. This mixture will help to cope with almost any stains.

After coping with the stain, it is necessary to clean the carpet with a vacuum cleaner or a brush with a detergent, and then simply with a wet sponge or brush. If you are not sure that you will be able to properly clean the carpet yourself, you can turn it into a dry cleaner or contact a professional cleaning company.

How to clean the carpet?
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