Snails of ahatina in your homeGiant land cochlea native to East Africa - ideal pets,especially for busy people. They are unpretentious, do not make noise, do not run away, they do not have to walk. The country of councils will tell you about the correct content of these exotic animals.

Akhatin is the largest land mollusk. The maximum length of the shell of the cochlea is 25 cm, andbodies - 30 cm. The size of the snail depends on the conditions under which it lives, and whether it multiplies - reproduction requires considerable energy expenditure, and the actively growing ahatin does not grow to large sizes.

Settle a snail ahatinu in an aquarium or terrarium with a wall height of at least 40 cm, in whicha warm, humid climate is maintained. The necessary humidity can be created with the help of a spray: the snails lick the drops of water from the walls and thus get the necessary moisture. Optimal temperature for snails - 25-28 degrees, but a slight decrease in temperature for ahaatin is not critical: at room temperature they are just less active.

The bottom of the terrarium for keeping the cochlea of ​​ahaatin should be covered with a layer of soil from a mixture of peat, sand and humus. The recommended thickness of the layer is 5-7 cm. The soil should be loose enough and it is good to keep the moisture. Change the soil should be about once a year, but the remains of food and excrement should be removed from the aquarium on a regular basis.

With the feeding of snails, Ahatin should not be a problem. They gladly eat vegetables (cucumbers, carrots, cabbage, bell peppers), fruits (apples, bananas), meat, mushrooms, porridges. You can give them sticks, scraps and scraps - theyand they will not disdain. It is better to alternate different types of food, because ahaatin can add to a specific product (especially bananas) and refuses to eat everything else.

To feed a young ahatina every day, an adult snail eats a couple of times a week. By the way, the snail eats exactly as much asIt is necessary, and does not touch the food harmful to it, therefore it is difficult to poison it. In the diet of the snail of ahaatin, there must be calcium for the shell in the form of chalk or crushed egg shell.

Snails of ahaatin show activity during the dark, during the day they usually burrow into the ground and sleep. If the conditions in the terrarium are unfavorable, the ahatina can hide in the sink, "clog up" with the help of a cork of mucus and for a long time fall asleep. This feature of snails isIf you are going on vacation, you have no one to leave your pet with. A snail of ahaatin can sleep in a sealed shell for up to two months without harming one's health. To wake a snail, it is enough to pour it with warm water. But keep in mind that after awakening she will be brutally hungry.

Snails of ahaatin are very intelligent animals that remember their owners and can distinguish them by smell. Of course, they can not be demanded such attachment as from dogs or cats, they do not give in to training, but they also take much less trouble with them.

If the snails are properly kept, the ahatina can live up to 10 years. The unpretentiousness of these animals makes them wonderful home pets, the confirmation of this is the constantly growing popularity of these giant mollusks.

Snails of ahatina in your home
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