Installing the aquarium
Before as to install an aquarium, it must be carefully checked. First of all, this is of course a check for fluidity. The aquarium that is leaking is unfit for further use and needs to be repaired.

To check tightness of your aquarium, enoughfill it with water (completely) and put it on the newspaper. After a minimum of 24 hours, you should check whether there are wet marks on the newspaper. If there are such tracks, then the aquarium can not be installed without repair.

If the newspaper is dry, it means that the aquarium has been tested and it is possible to start the preparatory phase of the installation. To start the aquarium needs to be washed in warm water (water temperature about 50 ° C)without using detergents. The residue that settles on the walls of the aquarium after using detergents is very difficult to remove and very harmful to fish and plants in the aquarium.

Also an aquarium is necessary thoroughly disinfect. For this purpose, a 2% solution of bleach powder or a 1% solution of copper sulfate is suitable. The aquarium after disinfection should be thoroughly washed and wiped clean with a dry cloth.

Wash frameless aquarium need warm water with salt or five percentvinegar. A 5% solution of hydrochloric acid can also be used. The frame aquarium should be washed with warm water with laundry soap or with drinking soda. Surplus putty on the frame of the aquarium before washing should be removed.

Frame Aquarium can not be left without water for more than two days. Putty can dry and the aquarium will leak. Therefore, the preliminary preparation of the aquarium before settling fish should be carried out as quickly as possible.

To the choice stands, on which the aquarium will standcome seriously. After all, it must withstand the weight of the aquarium with water, without bending. The surface of the stand must be flat, flat, not slippery, otherwise the aquarium may fall.

You can buy a special cradle, inwhich is already built storage for aquarium inventory. Also, as a stand, you can use any suitable surface in the house, for example, a solid table. We must not forget that for the functioning of the aquarium you will need filters, aerators, lamps, so near the aquarium there must be electrical outlets.

Under the aquarium, a sheet of polystyrene 10-15 mm thick must be placed. This is necessary for a more even distribution of the load and greater stability of the aquarium.

Fill the aquarium with water should be gradual. First it is necessary to fill the aquarium with water only half, and after a day fill the aquarium completely, leaving a "gap" between the water level and the upper edge of the aquarium 3-5 cm in size. This is necessary in order to increase the pressure of water on the walls of the aquarium gradually, sharp pressure drops the glass may burst.

For the final cleaning of the aquarium, the "first" water must be drained. Then you can start the aquarium.

Starting the aquarium must always be carried out in several stages. The prepared soil should be washed, then poured onto the bottom of the aquarium (at the rear wall the soil level should be slightly higher). After that, install all necessary equipment (but do not connect!), Place the scenery.

Next you need to start filling the aquarium with water. First, you should fill the aquarium halfway and plant the prepared plants in the ground. After planting the plants, you can fill the aquarium completely with water. Next, you need to connect the equipment, check if it works correctly.

Important! Fish immediately after filling the aquariumyou can not start. The aquarium must "ripen" so that the fish can live in it. This takes two to four weeks. During this time in the aquarium the necessary bacteria develop, the plants take root.

Installing the aquarium
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