Selection of plants for the aquarium

Plants in the aquarium are needed. First, they release oxygen into the water, which is needed for fish. Secondly, the plants of natural reservoirs are part of the aquatic ecosystem, because they help maintain the biochemical balance. Similarly, plants in the aquarium help create the right "microclimate". In addition, for many species of aquarium fish, plants in the aquarium serve as a natural refuge or a place for spawning.

Which plants are suitable for the aquarium?

If the aquarium contains tropical fish,then, accordingly, the temperature of the water must be sufficiently high. Therefore, in an aquarium with tropical fish, ordinary plants from medium-latitude water bodies will rot from such a high temperature. Avoid this can only be, gradually adapting the plant to a high water temperature. However, this will take a long time.

It is much more convenient to buy suitable plants in a specialized store or in the market for pet products. But you can not buy the first plant that comes in. First it is better to check its quality.

First of all it is necessary to pay attention to appearance of the plant: its color, the integrity of roots and leaves, the presence or absence of rot. Healthy plants usually have a bright green color, leaves are whole, without damage and rot.

It is best to purchase young plants, sinceThey are easier to tolerate transplantation and are more acclimatized in the aquarium. Older plants are larger, more beautiful and, accordingly, more expensive, but they may not survive a transplant.

There are plants that float on the surfacewater, there are those that float in the water column, and there are plants growing in the ground. Therefore, when buying, you need to choose plants, taking into account the zone of their placement in the aquarium.

For plants in the aquarium you need to monitor at leastcarefully, than for the fish themselves. When buying, you must immediately find out from the seller how to properly keep the plant, what water conditions suits him, how big and how fast the plant will grow.

The selected plants should be placed in the aquarium. In this case, several regulations:

  • in the background, high and dense plants are placed; at the side walls and in the middle - plants, medium in height; enough small plants in the foreground;

  • plants should not be planted too close to each other, it is better to plant them in staggered order - then they will look like a solid "wall";

  • plants bush should be planted in groups of several pieces, and large, separately standing, plants and planting should be one at a time so that they look better.

Plants purify water from pollution and the moreplants account for each fish, the better. But the excess of plants in the aquarium can lead to oxygen starvation in fish, because plants not only release oxygen, but also absorb it (at night). therefore plants should not take up too much space, the best option - one third of the aquarium area.

Selection of plants for the aquarium
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