Gray in the interiorThe choice of color is one of the most important steps in theplanning interior design, because color has a huge impact on our mood. We have already talked about the use of red, green and white flowers in the design of the interior of the room, today on the turn - gray in the interior.

Gray is often rewarded with unflattering epithets: dull, dull, depressive ... This happens, in particular, because gray color is present in nature in small quantities, and therefore is associated primarily with asphalt and concrete - not the most pleasant associations. Nevertheless, the gray color in the interior can be very elegant, to give coziness and peace. The whole point is what shade of gray to choose and what colors to combine it with.

Gray color refers to neutral. It's not the color itself, but the saturation andThe depth of one of its shades, as well as in combination with other colors. Designers often use gray in the interior to emphasize the architecture of the room, as well as the materials and texture of interior items. Not distracting yourself with excessive attention, gray color helps to give expressiveness to furniture and accessories, and its light colors - visually increase space.

Gray is often combined with other neutral colors - black and white. Say, gray in combination with white helpscreate a bright room. You can use a combination of "gray + white + dark tone", it looks very noble. As a darker tone, a more saturated shade of gray, dark brown or black may appear.

If the interior is dominated by a saturated gray color, then white is simply necessary, say, in furniture or accessories. You can also use pastel shades in this interior. Please note that Dark gray visually reduces space, so you need to take care of good lighting. Ideally, it should be natural, but sources of artificial color will also come down.

And Gray color is a wonderful background for bright color accents. White and black colors may look toocontrasts next to bright color spots, but gray will profitably brighten the bright colors. For example, yellow, red and orange colors on its background will look more succulent and saturated. For the kitchen, for example, you can use a combination of gray with coral, warm red or warm green.

Gray in the interior Gray in the interior Gray in the interior

You can also use such combinations of gray with other colors:

  • natural gray + light shades of natural wood

  • natural gray + sweet colors (caramel, cream, milky white, coffee with milk)

  • light gray + pastel yellow or blue

  • "Aged" gray + colors of boudoir palette (soft crimson, cold cocoa, "rose ash")

  • shimmering gray + deep purple

  • gray + cherry or burgundy

  • dark gray + pistachio

  • cold gentle gray + pink or lilac

  • gray + cream and dark gold

Of course, much depends on the chosen shade of gray. Light colors of this color give the interiorelegance and sophistication, while the dark make the room look more reserved and even conservative in some ways. Dark gray is good for interior design of a living room or cabinet. But light gray and pearly are good for bedroom, kitchen and bathroom, they will give the interior tenderness and elegance, will make the atmosphere calm and relaxing.

Shades of gray, formed by "mixing" toother colors of it, they are warm and cold. So, yellowish- and brownish-gray are warm shades, and purple, greenish and bluish-gray are cold. Cold shades look more elegant, but warm ones create a feeling of coziness. So the choice is yours, at your disposal - the whole range of shades of gray from steel and silver to slate and coal.

You can use gray in the interior of different styles. It is perfect for interior designminimalism, emphasizing its refinement, elegance, intelligence, refinement and nobility. Gray color is also suitable for interior in loft style. This style focuses on the connection with the industrial design, so gray color will be very welcome. A gray color is also suitable for many other styles, from classic to vintage, if you choose the right texture and accompanying shades.

Gray is very practical and versatile. It is in perfect harmony with all other colors. So do not be afraid to use gray in the interior! The only thing to remember is that the gray color should be used sparingly and avoid the abundance of dark gray that can act depressingly.

Gray in the interior
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