Green color in the interior
Recently, interiors have become popular,based on a single color. Usually in such interiors a combination of several shades of the same color or a combination of "color + white + black" is used. One of the best colors for this monochrome interior is green. How can I use green color in the interior?

You probably know that different colors in the interiorhave different effects on the human psyche. For example, for a long time to be in a red room can be uncomfortable: this color is associated with aggression and allegedly "presses" on a person. Therefore, the red bedroom - a good option for the wedding night, but constantly sleeping in it can be unpleasant. And shades of green, on the contrary, render soothing and reassuring. That is why the green color in the interior is so popular.

Green color is associated with us with nature, life, spring, because it is the color of leaves and grass. In the East, it symbolizes the future, prosperity, unity, and Christians - the resurrection and spring renewal. The room, decorated in green, causes a sense of security. And the green color does not tire the eyes (of course, if you do not take into account the "acid" shades). Therefore quite often designers use green color in an interior of children's rooms, bedrooms and even working classrooms.

But do not forget that green has a mass of shades, from light and juicy to dark and deep. And different shades can have different effects on us. For example, bright green, lemon and salad shades invigorate, give energy, and pale green - on the contrary, soothes. With dark green and olive shades, one should be careful: "melancholy green" is about them.

Green color in the interior Green color in the interior

So, let's say, if you decide to usegreen color in the interior of the kitchen, it is better to prefer cheerful bright shades (apple, lime). They will give you a good mood. Bright bright colors are also suitable for office. AT living room and bedroom it is better to use pale green hues (sea-green, mint, pale jade). And for bathroom warm shades of green are best, and dark green in such a small room should be avoided.

And green color in the interior is quite choosy: some of its shades are not combined with alland may not be well perceived depending on the environment and lighting. Therefore, when planning interior design in green, it is very important to choose the right shade of green and take into account its compatibility with other colors, as well as various surfaces and textures. For example, green combines well with wood and natural fabrics.

Even at the stage of choosing the shade, Test it with daylight or artificial light at different distances from the light source. For example, a mint shade with insufficient illumination seems too cold, so it should be used in rooms with windows facing south or east.

Green color in the interior Green color in the interior

Even if you selected green asthe dominant color of the interior, yet it is worth diluting it with other colors and shades: no matter how pleasant it may be, in a single-colored room you can go crazy sooner or later. Green color can be diluted or muted in such ways:

  • use neutral light colors (if the green furniture and walls, then make a light floor and ceiling, if the green walls, ceiling and floor - put light furniture);

  • use accessories, furniture, curtains or flooring of pink, gray or purple colors (again, it is important to choose the right shade and not overdo it);

  • Use small (!) accessories or blotches of bright colors, for example, red: they will give the space depth and diversity and at the same time slightly muffle the abundance of green;

  • also the green color can be discolored with accessories or furniture of yellow, light gray or blue colors.

Green in the interior symbolizes hospitality. So if you want the interior of yourat home made a favorable impression on the guests, green color - what you need. Interior in green is an excellent choice for those who appreciate harmony, because it allows, on the one hand, to find peace, and on the other - invigorates and gives you energy for the whole day.

Green color in the interior
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