Toyota Corolla
Whichever you choose: a new 6-speed manual transmission or a traditional automatic transmission, Toyota Corolla make your trip comfortable and dynamic.

Corolla is equipped powerful and economical engines volume of 1.33 liters and 1.6 liters. A car with a 1.33-liter engine is offered with a manual transmission. The 1.6-liter gasoline engine can be combined with either a 6-speed manual or a 4-speed automatic transmission. "

Designers of Toyota have achieved a combination exquisite external forms with the most rational use of internal volume car. The spacious interior meets the most daring expectations.

Smooth lines of bumpers, minimal gaps between the body elements and an expressive window line are just a small part of the details that give the car elegant streamlined shape with excellent aerodynamics. Low coefficient of aerodynamic resistance improves acoustic comfort when driving at high speed.


Attractive interior design, differentiated ergonomics of the driver's seat and high-quality finishing materials, tunes for the pleasure of the upcoming trip. Particular attention was paid to the creation of a spacious and bright salon.

For example, a flat floor in the rear of the passenger compartment provides room for the feet of the rear passengers. Due to the carefully designed sound insulation Corolla is leader in the class in terms of comfort and silence, and the air conditioning system allows you to effectively manage the climate in the cabin.


With the system intelligent access to the car and engine start-up you can forget about the usual keys. To unlock the door, just pull the handle. To start the engine, you can not get the key out of the pocket - you just need to press the start button of the engine.

Thanks to the instrument panel with LED backlight Optitron the driver's eyes are less tired. This panel displays information about the fuel consumption, as well as the indicator of the included gear, which prompts which gear should be switched to achieve the best environmental performance.

In the complete sets "Elegance" and "Prestige" The steering wheel is covered with leather and adjusted toheight and on the fly, and on models with a richer bundle, it is equipped with controls for the audio system. On models with an automatic gearbox your fingers will easily reach the shift levers on the steering wheel.

Automatic lighting control system andwindshield wipers provide an excellent view ahead of the car, and in the rear view mirrors with electrochromic coating, it is always perfectly visible what happens behind.

Toyota Corolla


Manage Corolla - a real pleasure. Due to excellent handling you can always monitor the car. Electronic power steering provides excellent feedback at any speed, and the smooth shifting gear of the new six-speed transmission corresponds to the world-class level.

Wheelbase increase led to a decrease in the front and rear overhang,which gives the Corolla even more impression of balance and calmness, and carefully selected tires and rims improve grip on the road and facilitate driving at high speeds.

Reinforced front and rear suspension also contribute to excellent handling, stability and ride comfort. In addition to the 1.6 engine, a powerful and economical 1.33 engine with the Dual VVT-i system is offered.


1.33-liter engine with system Dual VVT-i The newest light construction is the result ofimplementation of the new concept of engine building Toyota. Using the experience of Toyota's participation in racing, where a compact and powerful engine plays a decisive role, the designers created a power unit that is 54 mm shorter and 127 mm narrower than the previous 1.4-liter engine with the VVT-i system.

In addition, it weighs 13 kg less. As a result, this four-cylinder engine has the same dimensions as the three-cylinder engine.

His high power the engine is required to a higher compression ratio11.5, like racing cars. Thus, the engine is characterized by the most optimal combination of power and toxicity of exhaust gases in the class.


Security model Corolla paid paramount importance. A wide range of tools active and passive safety designed specifically to prevent an accident and protect those seated in the car.

Also available a number of auxiliary systems. The brake system is complemented by an anti-lock braking systemthe brake system (ABS) and electronic brake force distribution (EBD), which provides smooth and uniform braking at high speeds, as well as when cornering. The Brake Assist (BA) determines when an emergency braking is performed and increases the pressure in the braking system.

From point of view passive safety The reinforced Corolla body acts as a protectiveThe frame, which has front deformable zones, side protective bars and a reinforced middle post. In the passenger compartment, passengers and the driver are protected by safety belts with a pretensioner and force limiters, and for small children special child seats can be fitted with the ISOFIX anchorage system.

The risk of injury to the driver is reduced due to folding steering column. All Corolla models are equipped with front and rearside airbags, and in the "Elegance" and "Prestige" complete sets - also a curtain type and a safety cushion for protecting the driver's knees. In the design of the front seats, the WIL system is used to protect against neck injuries with a sharp head movement backwards.

Toyota Corolla

Characteristics of Toyota Corolla

Total information
ModelToyota Corolla 2010 1.33 VVT-i
Year of issue2010...
Number of doors / seats4/5
The equipped weight, kg1280
Gross vehicle weight, kg1735
The coefficient of aerodynamic resistance, Cx0,28
Maximum speed, km / h180
Acceleration from place to 100 km / h, from13,1
Trunk volume min / max, l450
Dimensions, mm
Track front / back1525/1520
A typePetrol with distributed fuel injection
Location:Front crosswise
Working volume, cc1329
Compression ratio11,5
Number and arrangement of cylinders4 in a row
Diameter of the cylinder x stroke of the piston, mm72.5 x 80.5
Number of valves16
Power, hp / rev / min101/6000
Maximum torque, Nm / rev / min132/3800
A typeMechanical 6-speed
Drive unitFront wheels
Front wheelsType McPherson with anti-roll bar
Rear wheelsSemi-independent, longitudinal levers, torsion beam connected, spring, with anti-roll bar
Tire size195/65 R15;
205/55 R16
FrontDisk ventilated (273 mm
RearDisc (270 mm)
Fuel consumption according to the norms of 93/116 / EEC, l / 100 km
City cycle7,4
Country Cycle4,9
Mixed cycle5,7
FuelPetrol A-95
Fuel tank capacity, l55

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