Audi A3Debut Audi A3 was held in 1996. The first two years Audi A3 was produced only in the three-door body, but already in 1999 at the Geneva Motor Show was presented a five-door version of the body.

The length of the car remained the same, only the location of the rear rack, which has become more vertical, has changed. Because the model is built on a platform Golf IV, the power unit has a transverse arrangement, but it did not prevent the company Audi to release the all-wheel drive version - Audi A3 Quattro.

In this case the manufacturer had to refusefrom the traditional permanent all-wheel drive and, taking into account the layout features of the car, apply a scheme with interaxial viscous coupling, similar to that set on Golf IV Sincro.

The car is produced in three standard trim levels: Ambiente, Attarction and Ambition ("Calmness", "attractiveness" and "ambition"). Externally, the cars are almost indistinguishable, however, in the interior decoration and equipment list there is a great variety.

The basic configuration includesanti-lock braking system, two airbags, belt tensioner, servo control, power windows, dust filter and pollen filter, and rear head restraints.

For the safety of the car is responsibleanti-theft system with immobilizer, interior monitoring sensor and central locking of doors, luggage compartment and fuel tank hatch. If desired, the salon can be made leather. The design of the driver's seat and the upholstery give the saloon an elegant look. Comfortable seats allow you to travel for long distances.

The choice of the buyer Audi A3 offered fivepower units: 1.6-liter gasoline with a capacity of 101 hp, 1.8 l with 125 hp. and turbo engine 1.8T quattro (150 hp), as well as two "diesel" (1.9 liters), developing 90 and 110 hp.

Audi four-wheel drive with Quattro system hasengine capacity of 170 hp The 150-hp power unit is similar to the one installed on the Audi TT. It has five valves per cylinder, a turbocharger and an intercooler, which allows the car to accelerate to 100 km / h in 8.1 seconds (with a manual transmission).

The maximum speed is 217 km / h. Diesel engines are equipped with a direct injection system and a turbocharger. All engines operate in the base with a 5-speed manual gearbox. As an option, a 4-speed automatic transmission is available.

Technical specifications Audi A3 1.6 MT

  • Number of seats 5

  • Body Construction

    • Combi (hatchback)

  • Number of doors

    • 3

  • Length of the body, mm 4203

  • Body width, mm 1765

  • Body height, mm 1421

  • Clearance, mm 120

  • The equipped weight, kg 1205

  • Maximum permissible mass, kg 1765

  • Cargo space, l 350

  • Fuel tank capacity, l 55

  • Wheelbase, mm 2578

  • Lifting capacity 560

Audi A3

  • Fuel

    • Petrol

  • Location:

    • Front (transversely)

  • Volume, cm3 1595

  • Number of cylinders 4

  • Cylinder arrangement

    • Rowing

  • Power, hp / vol. 102/5600

  • Max. torque, Nm / rev.min. 148/3800

  • Fuel consumption (urban cycle) l / 100km 9.6

  • Fuel consumption (suburban cycle) 5.5

  • Fuel Consumption (Mixed Cycle) 7.0

  • Number of valves

    • 8

  • Power reserve 786

  • Toxicological norms EURO

    • IV

  • Transmission

    • Mechanical

  • Number of gears

    • 5

  • type of drive

    • Front

  • Turning diameter, m 10.7

  • Power steering

    • Hydraulic booster

  • Steering position

    • Left

  • Adjustable steering column

  • Tires 205/55 R 16

  • Front Brakes

    • Yes

  • Brakes back

    • Yes

    Audi A3
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