Toyota Prius
In the design of a new modern, comfortable and hospitable car Toyota Prius Many innovative technical solutions are implemented.

Discover a new generation hybrid drive, making economical trips and enjoying a powerful acceleration and smooth control. An electric motor connected to gasoline engine VVT-i working volume of 1.8 liters, is a hybrid drive.

Enjoy the outstanding acceleration of the enginewhen starting and overtaking. You can travel using only an electric motor, noiselessly and harmlessly to the environment, since you will not spend a single drop of fuel.

You do not need to change your driving style, the new Prius will adapt to it. Depending on the selected acceleration intensity, the car will automatically select one of the three modes of motion: using electric motors, with the help ofgasoline engine or to achieve maximum power with electric motors and a gasoline engine - silently switching on and off both power units.

The total power of the Prius power plant is 136 liters. from. (according to DIN). Powerful engine smoothly accelerates the car up to 100 km / h in 10.4 seconds, while fuel consumption is only 3.9 liters for every 100 km of track. The CO2 content of the exhaust gas does not exceed 89 g / km. The car is convenient to operate.

The new Prius is sensitive to the pedal positionaccelerator when driving on an electric motor, but with acceleration outstanding dynamism, excellent stability and high maximum speed make it easy to control the behavior of the Prius on public roads.

Immerse yourself in a new world of driving, filled with intuitive-clear and high-tech sensory controls. Clearly visible displays with a distinctive design provide increased visibility and ease of use.

Easy control is achieved by dividing the driver's seat into two zones: the control zone and the information zone. Everything is designed for easy, comfortable and safe driving.

Touch switch Touch Tracer provides a selection of traffic information, as well as climate control and audio system control. The graphic menu appears on the instrument panel screen after touching the sensor sensor lightly.

Automatic stepless gearbox. Innovative system that interacts between power plants and provides super-smooth gear shift and acceleration.

System Monitor ECO Drive. In real time, information is displayed on fuel consumption and electricity consumption, indicating to the driver how economical is the driving style chosen by him.

Toyota Prius

System for projecting instrument readings to the windshield (HUD). The system of displaying the most important information on the windshield allows the driver to concentrate on the road.

Selection of driving modes. In addition to the normal driving mode, the driver can take advantage of increased power and reduce fuel consumption by using one of three driving modes: EV, ECO and Power.

Smooth contours are harmoniously combined with exquisite design solutions, such as streamlined block headlights withLED lamps. Comfort driving is increased by reducing the noise inside the interior and reducing the weight of the car body. In the design of the new Prius, Toyota's specially designed plastics with a neutral carbon release are also used.

High-tech solutions are harmoniously combined with an attractive finish of natural materials, creating inside the salon comfortable and refined atmosphere. A spacious salon will allow you to enjoy the time spent on the road with your family or friends.

The new Prius has a large footprint andthe increased internal height of the body, which provides additional comfort, and also creates numerous opportunities for the transportation of various goods due to the large volume of the trunk, equal to 446 liters.

The new Prius is equipped with a line of advanced security systems that help the driver to anticipate and prevent the most dangerous traffic situations. Security Systems New Prius:

  • Antiblocking system of brakes (ABS)

  • Brake force distribution system (EBD)

  • Recuperative braking system

  • Emergency brake system (BA)

  • Vehicle Stability Control (VSC +)

  • Body structure that absorbs and dissipates impact energy

  • 7 airbags

  • Active front head restraints

  • LED Brake Lights

Unprecedented low fuel consumption, reducedthe CO2 content of the exhaust gas and high power are achieved through a combination of a patented hybrid drive technology, carefully tested aerodynamic performance and the use of lightweight materials in the vehicle's design.

Even more fun with driving is achieved by smooth and quick automatic infinitely variable transmission, and the modernized undercarriage providesoutstanding smoothness of the suspension and course stability. Take a trip to the Prius, using advanced Stop & Start technology, which prevents CO2 emissions.

More than 95% of the car by weight is subject to repeateduse after the life cycle of the car, and more than 85% - is recycled. Use a quiet driving style, and a powerful first-class high-voltage battery will last for the entire life cycle of the car.

Toyota Prius

Advanced hybrid technology combines the VVT-i gasoline engine with a working volume of 1.8 liters and an electric motor, providing low fuel consumption, low CO2 emissions, high power and low noise level.

Depending on the acceleration an advanced hybrid system usesthe power of either the electric motor, or the gasoline engine, or both engines simultaneously, evenly distributing the energy flows. A series-parallel arrangement means that there is no mechanical connection between the gasoline engine and the electric motors. This allows you to charge a high-voltage battery while driving and achieve maximum acceleration and economy at any stage of the movement.

The driver can select a mode only when drivingon an electric motor, without fuel consumption and without emission of harmful substances, speed increase includes a gasoline engine, making the car as powerful as possible. Feel all the advantages of a quick engine, especially when starting or overtaking.

Select one from three modes of motion: EV (movement solely on electricthrust), ECO (economy mode) and Power (dynamic driving). Hybrid synergic drive - power drive, which has the highest efficiency among commercially available drives and uses the maximum amount of energy uselessly consumed in a conventional power drive. New Prius Easy and convenient to operate - characteristic features of cars with ultra-low fuel consumption.

Toyota Prius

Toyota Prius specifications

Total information
ModelToyota Prius 1.8
Year of issue2009 ...
Number of doors / seats5/5
The equipped weight, kg1380
Gross vehicle weight, kg1805
The coefficient of aerodynamic resistance, Cx0.25
Maximum speed, km / h180
Acceleration from place to 100 km / h, from10.4
Trunk volume min / max, l445/1120
Dimensions, mm
Track front / back1526/1522
Ground clearance140
A typePetrol with distributed fuel injection + Electric motor
Location:Front crosswise
Working volume, cc1798
Compression ratio13.0
Number and arrangement of cylinders4 in a row
Diameter of the cylinder x stroke of the piston, mm80.5 x 88.3
Number of valves16
Power, hp / rev / min99/5200 + 81
Maximum torque, Nm / rev / min142/4000 + 208/0
A type---
Drive unitFront wheels
Front wheelsIndependent, such as McPherson with a stabilizer bar
Rear wheelsSemi-independent, spring-loaded, with anti-roll bar
Tire size195/65 R15;
215/45 R17
FrontDisk ventilated
Fuel consumption according to the norms of 93/116 / EEC, l / 100 km
City cycle3.9
Country Cycle3.7
Mixed cycle3.9
FuelPetrol A-95
Fuel tank capacity, l45

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