Frivolous flower-fruit, languidoriental or bright woody-musk? In novelties from leading perfume houses, each collector of fragrances will certainly find his own favorite flacon. Fashion flavors 2016 for her and for him - in our material.

Blossom and smell: the trendy floral perfume-2016 for her

Eternity Now for Women Calvin Klein is a new,an incredibly feminine version of the famous fragrance of Eternity. Although with the legendary predecessor, this perfume has little to do with. Is that the name ... Very rich, with bright notes of musk and quince, with well-distinguishable shades of peony and cashmere tree fragrances, this novelty will certainly appeal to fans of unusual saturated aromas. Perfume is universal: it can be safely used both in cold autumn-winter season, and in sunny spring-summer days.

They waited! His perfume line was launched and the well-known subsidiary brand Prada - Miu Miu. A feminine fragrance with the same name, Miu Miu, absorbed the tender smells of lily of the valley, jasmine and freshly mown grass. Perfume is released in the concentration of Eau de Parfum, and, judging by the advertising campaign, is designed for naive coquettes adoring the style of baby-doll and, of course ... cute seals!

Italian luxuary-brand Bottega Veneta replenishedits perfume collection with a new fragrance - Knot Eau Florale Bottega Veneta. It is a floral interpretation of the Bottega Veneta Knot perfume, which was issued in late 2014. Perfumers enriched the novelty with citrus smell of mandarin and coniferous aroma of white cedar. In this case, the notes of the base and the heart still sound like peonies, roses, neroli and lavender. A special mention deserves a bottle of a new fragrance - expensive and concise - like all the creations of Bottega Veneta.

Lightness of being: fashionable flower-fruit spirits-2016 for her

Lovers of perfume "compote" alsoThey can pamper themselves with interesting novelties - light and airy, like a summer sea breeze. And let the flower-fruit compositions are much inferior in stability to their "colleagues" with an oriental, spicy and muscular accent - from this they are no less loved and revered.

Singer Rihanna decided to take her perfume nicheamong the host of stars that have already released their name fragrances. Her next creation is the perfumed water Ri Ri by Rihanna. The aroma begins with the sonorous citrus mandarin chords, the exotic sound of passion fruit and the tart notes of the Caribbean rum. In notes of the base - sandalwood, vanilla and musk, responsible for the intensity and persistence of the smell.

Another expected flower-fruit novelty -fragrance Vera Wang Hippie Princess. The legendary creator of the most beautiful wedding dresses allowed herself to relax a little and create a "frivolous" perfume that would fit a young girl. The fragrance became the third in the line of "princesses". The bottle "a la Barbie" fully corresponds to its content: the fruit aromas of mango and apricot are harmoniously supplemented with lotus flowers, freesia and apple blossom.

Strictly to the East: fashion oriental perfume-2016 for her

Expensive, chic, daisy ... The second in a rowperfume from the guru of the world of High Fashion, Alzia Aliaia Alaia Extrait de Parfum - will soon see the world. This fragrance is matched to the elegant outfits of the maestro, coquettish and impregnable at the same time, but at the same time it is always luxurious. Despite the fresh upper notes, the oriental volume of the perfume is given by notes of iris, vanilla, musk and leather. It's not surprising - the creation of the new aroma of Azedin Alaya was inspired by memories of childhood, held in Tunisia.

After a series of light maiden fragrances in funnyvials, Marc Jacobs produces perfume for glamorous socialite lionesses. His new creation - Decadance Marc Jacobs - is penetrating and sensual. Rose, saffron, jasmine and iris are woven into a bizarre Eastern symphony, reinforced with ambergris. And the bottle itself is made in the form of an expensive clutch haute couture, which you do not want to release from your hands.

Gentleman's set: fashion perfume-2016 for him

In a couple of women's fragrance, the brand Calvin Kleincreated and its male version - Eternity Now for Men Calvin Klein. Its creators attributed the new male flavor to the oriental wine glasses. Steady daisy Eternity Now for Men absorbed the eastern notes of ginger, anise, coconut and Moroccan cedar. The basic sound of the perfume is colored by the aromas of vanilla and beans thin.

A true English gentleman from the City - sois a prototype of the new men's fragrance from Burberry, Mr. Burberry. Intelligent and laconic this wood-fuzzy perfume is saturated with notes of refreshing grapefruit, spicy cardamom and green tarragon. In the basic sound of the fragrance, shades of sandalwood and vetiver are heard. The final touches of new items from Burberry were the notes of nutmeg and white cedar.

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