altWhat woman does not like perfume? Light and bold, citrus, spicy and seductive floral scents make your wearer attractive and unique. But a good perfume is an expensive treat. Therefore, you should choose it carefully so that you will not be disappointed.

How to choose a fragrance

First of all, you need to decide on the flavor andTo understand what perfume is right for you. By nature, distinguish between eastern, fern, sea, floral, woody and chypre scents. They can also occur in combinations.

In addition, spirits should be chosen depending on thetime when you are going to wear them, because there are day and evening scents. The same smell is unlikely to be appropriate in the office and at a party. Daytime flavors are lighter and tender, and evening - sensual and spicy. The choice of perfume is influenced by the time of the year. So, in the summer sweet floral scents or fresh citrus fruits are good, and in the winter - chypre, whose smell is something like a tree and moss.alt

Recommendations on the choice of spirits

Deciding to buy perfume, do not use this daysmelling strong cosmetics, even creams and lotions. Their smell will distort the fragrance of perfume. First, put a drop of perfume on a special strip of porous paper and smell it. If the fragrance suits you, then put a drop of perfume on your wrist, but do not rub it.

Remember that the scent of perfume is influenced by manyvarious factors. This is the smell of the place where you are (that's why it's difficult to choose perfumes in a perfume shop, too many fragrances are mixed there), individual smell of each person, temperature (both body and environment), humidity, time of day ... That's why before finally choosing a perfume, get a probe. Passing with the aroma a couple of days, you can determine exactly whether you like this fragrance or not.alt

When choosing a perfume, never rely on the firstimpression. The fact is that the fragrance of perfume is not revealed at once. There are three stages of the manifestation of the fragrance: the original fragrance, the main and residual. The initial aroma appears immediately after application, it is quite sharp because of the alcohol base. In the original fragrance, the main notes are most vividly expressed. 15-20 minutes after you have applied perfume, reveals the main flavor. It can be felt up to 20 hours, and it is on him that one should orient oneself when choosing spirits. The remaining aroma is felt for another 10-15 hours after the volatilization of the main.alt

The smell of different spirits holds different times, butRussian GOST clearly defines the number of hours that the fragrance must last. For perfume perfume it is 60 hours, for "mass" perfumes - 50, toilet water should last 40 hours, cologne - 24-30 hours.

Choosing quality perfume

Choose perfumes need careful and thoughtful, spontaneous choice of perfume can lead to the fact that you are disappointed in the chosen fragrance and just throw money away.alt

Fake and poor-quality perfume is better notfly: the fragrance will quickly erode and can be highly distorted. Buy spirits better in good stores, not causing suspicion. Packaging perfume should be neat, it should contain the following information:

  • name

  • category (perfume - parfume, toilet perfume - parfume de toilette, scented water - eau de toilette)

  • appointment (for men - pour homme, for women - pour femme)

  • volume in ml and fl.oz. (ounce of liquid, equal to 30 ml)

  • composition

  • barcode

  • date and place of production code

A sign of the forgery of spirits is the suspiciously low price for a well-known fragrance. The brand spirits are accompanied by an abstract and a certificate of conformity.alt

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