How to choose a fragrance?Have you decided to buy new perfumes? Aromas can become your secret power, power over others. A power that is nice to obey. Or to the contrary. To avoid errors when choice of its fragrance, it is important to take into account several nuances.

Skin color and the smell of your body.

Sometimes you have to be surprised by the mistakenly created image. People with
dark skin want to appear less energetic and choose easy
fresh fragrance. And some white people choose a sweet smell
passion. In such cases, I want to tell blue-eyed blonde,
that the spirits intended for the woman "Carmen" are even more strongly emphasized
lack of passion and less vigor of blondes. If you
by nature got a gentle, bright appearance, then underline
it's your advantage
- become the most gentle!

Know yourself. Strengthen your dignity!

You will start winning if you refuse from imaginary and alien images for you.
Bright skin of the body reports a more calm and balanced
character. In this case, you can be a mischievous and cheerful optimist. You do not
suffer from vindictiveness, and all sorts of games in the "vendetta" - not for you.
The smell of your skin is light, without sugary notes. And even if you're sweating,
this does not provoke a strong irritation in the people nearby. You
many like. Cute fair-skinned people need to choose flavors
. If you want to add a little sweetish languor, then from
Choose the lightest fragrance of Oriflame.

I would like to draw your attention to one more nuance: full-blown blondes
With lush, rounded shapes, they can choose the same flavor as
thin brunettes.

Than dark skin or fuller person, the sweeter and more richly the smell of it
body. Dark pigment inherits more energetic and
active people. You are more emotional and resort to wisdom to
curb their temper. Hot blood is a bright scent. Please
with which swarthy nationalities you have more similarities.

If your face is more like an Asian type (Japanese, Kazakhs), then you
will suit the ocean freshness and invigorating energy of citrus aromas,
water, fruit, fruit-tree, fruit-green,
woody-musky and, perhaps, only some floral scents.

If you are closer to the European type, then to you fit any chypre,
luxurious sweet floral fragrances
. And also vanilla,
fruity-chypre, flower-chypre, spicy, woody, amber and
aldehyde perfumes Oriflame.

Owners of red or reddish-copper hair, meaning your
natural color, fit tart and chypre aromas. The smell of perfume
should pick up your activity and enterprise.

The aroma that enhances the smell of your body is easier to look for if you know
your color type. Color of skin, eye color, natural hair color is
what the nature of each of us has endowed, which is inherent in the genotype. They
match your temperament and temperament. Why imitate
Someone? Learn to love yourself. You will start to admire. And you, having opened
love yourself, only now appreciate your relationship with other people.
Your life will burst open for success and happiness!

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How to choose a fragrance?
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