Smell of coziness: Best interior fragrance
We all love pleasant aromas. Still our distant ancestors successfully used various aromas for treatment of illnesses, a relaxation, improvement of state of health. In addition, the fragrance often had religious significance: fragrant smoke was dedicated to the gods, asking them for mercy and blessings.

Gradually people began to aromatize not onlyreligious temples and altars, but also their homes, especially on holidays. This tradition has survived to our times. For example, in rich Arab houses and to this day, in honor of the wedding or the arrival of high guests, a bundle of aloe wood chips is burned on the coals.

For the aromatization of modern apartments, houses,offices use different methods. Traditional methods of aromatization remain popular: aromatic lamps, aromatic candles and plates, potpourri, fragrant sachets, etc. Modern technologies have made it possible to improve these popular methods.

Now to our services any aromas: from exotic oriental to the aroma of mountain freshness or meadow clearing. Perfume compositions based on synthetic or natural ingredients are now very popular. In addition, special automatic or automated devices allow you to regulate the strength and duration of aromatic effects.

Each of us wants his house to be cozy and unique. And there is nothing better than a pleasant fragrant atmosphere in it: all miseries and worries are forgotten, fatigue is passing. What flavor to choose for your home?

For hallway you can choose a light aroma of lemon, coniferous plants, tea tree. These flavors allow you to forget about vanity, to feel calm. For bedrooms you can use lavender: it not only gives a pleasant aroma, but also soothes, promotes a good, healthy sleep. The aroma of ylang-ylang will help to awaken sensuality - in the bedroom this is especially appropriate.

AT living roomwhen a large amicable company is going toyou can not by the way be the aroma of orange - it invigorates and refreshes. To adjust to the working mode, for example, in the office, the aromas of juniper, rosemary, thyme, mint will help. Confidence in their abilities will be presented to basil, cypress, bergamot.

For children's room very well suited aromas of lavender, chamomile, lemon balm, eucalyptus. Aromatizing the nursery, it should be remembered that the concentration of odor should be reduced by half, compared with the usual.

That the fragrance in the house does not turn into a heavy, suffocating "veil", you should carefully consider the "dosage": smell should not be too strong. You can not simultaneously use several different smells in one house - it is better to aromatize only one room.

It is common for a person to get used to the smells that surround him, so at least once a month, at least small changes should be made to the aromatic composition of the house.

Mix different odors for obtaining individual, inherentonly this house, the combination is better with the help of a specialist. Improperly selected flavors can not only spoil the atmosphere in the house, but also cause serious damage to health (headaches, dizziness, nausea are possible).

Smell of coziness: Best interior fragrance
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