gymnastics for the face photoRecently, in our speech, everything appearsmore foreign words. True, most of the concepts they designate are long familiar and familiar. For example, under the fashionable word "facebuilding" hides gymnastics for the face.

Why do you need face-building, all theseExercise for the face, if there is anti-aging cosmetics? Ask the counter question: why do sports, if there are anti-cellulite creams and liposuction? Regular exercises are more effective than cosmetics, and do not require special expenses.

By the way, not every gymnastics for the face canbe called facebuilding. Feysbilding is first of all force exercises, in the performance of which resistance is applied. Thanks to this, facebuilding helps to smooth wrinkles, improve muscle tone and complexion, and make the skin more elastic.

In which cases should you try facebuilding? First of all, when the age changes are already there - in a literal and figurative sense. But young girls facebuilding will not hurt - this is an excellent means of preventing the appearance of premature wrinkles.

Some one technique for facebuilding is notthere are - different authors offer different sets of exercises. For many fans of facebuilding, the reference book was Carol Madgio's book "Aerobics for the skin and facial muscles". I must say that the photos of the author before she began to practice facebuilding, and after really impressive, and you begin to believe in the effectiveness of the exercises.

Of course, you can not completely avoid aging,against nature can not trample, but facebuilding will help delay the appearance of wrinkles. But for this exercise should be done regularly. You do not hope for instant weight loss, when you go to the gym once a month on holidays? And the facial muscles in this plan are no different from the muscles of the body. Without a regular load of tangible results you will not see.

Advantage of facebuilding before the usual aerobicsis that you can do facebuilding wherever and whenever you want: lying in the tub, watching TV, working at the computer. Usually exercises need to be performed twice a day, in the morning and in the evening, gradually increasing the load (starting, say, five times and eventually reaching twenty). Before and after training, it is advised to do a light facial massage.

Usually the first results appear alreadya week after you begin to engage in facebuilding, but significant changes for the better is to wait about two months, and sometimes longer - it all depends on the state of your face.Facebuilding: a set of exercises

Facebuilding: a set of exercises

We offer you one of the many complexesexercises. It consists of eight exercises, each of which affects a certain part of the face: facebuilding for the forehead, facebuilding for the eyes, facebuilding for the cheeks, facebuilding for the corners of the mouth, facebuilding for wrinkles in the corners of the eyes, facebuilding versus double chin, facebuilding for the neck and facebuilding for of the whole contour of the face.

  • Exercise 1. We put the fingers of both hands on the forehead so that the ring fingers press their brows. We raise eyebrows upward, overcoming the resistance of the fingers and pulling the scalp forward.

  • Exercise 2. As wide as possible, open your eyes (speaking in popular language, stare as far as possible). Then we relax.

  • Exercise 3. Applying the middle, index and ring fingers of each hand to the corners of the mouth, try to smile, while greatly straining the muscles of the mouth and cheeks to the very ears. Then we relax.

  • Exercise 4. Clamp the lips between the teeth and pull up the corners of the mouth. We hold them for a while in this position, then relax.

  • Exercise 5. We press the fingers of both hands to the outer corners of the eyes and strongly strain the lower eyelids, then relax.

  • Exercise 6. We put the fists under the chin and open the mouth, overcoming the resistance of the hands. Then maximally put out the tongue so that the tip of the tongue is pointing down. At the same time, we rest on the chin with our thumb.

  • Exercise 7. We pull the lower lip downward with effort (while the corners of the mouth remain in place), exposing the lower teeth. If the neck shows the relief of the muscles, then you are doing everything right.

  • Exercise 8. Straining your chin and cheeks: open your mouth wide and push the lower jaw forward. Strongly strain the muscles of the jaw and neck, then relax.

strength exercisesPerhaps facebuilding - and not a panacea, but to try this kind of gymnastics for the face is definitely worth it - it will not be worse for sure.

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