Eye make-up: draw arrows in front of eyes

In the modern eye make-up the arrows return. This small female trick allows the fair sex not only to give an expressive look, but also to correct the shape of the eyes.

Arrows on eyes painted still ancient Egyptians, Romans, Hindus, mixing for this antimony with carbon black. Modern means for drawing arrows on the eyes can be divided into several groups:

  • liquid liner

  • compact eyeliner

  • cream or gel cushion

  • Eyeliner

Liquid eyeliner used in eye makeup to produce brightexpressive arrows. Such podvodka dries very quickly and is not suitable for beginners - the admitted flaws can not be corrected. Liquid podvodka is produced in flakonchikah with a thin pointed brush or in the form of a felt-tip pen.

Compact eyeliner gives bright, but not so catchy as withuse liquid eyeliner, arrows on the eyes. It is a pressed powdery product, which is applied with a moistened brush. In order to properly draw arrows compact cabling need a lot of experience, so usually this is used only by professionals.

Cream or gel cuffs it is more convenient to apply than liquid, becauseThe creamy texture of the brush literally slides through the eyelid, giving an ideal line. Correct arrows, drawn with creamy eyeliner lighter. To apply cream liner, use a flat synthetic brush with an asymmetric edge.

Eyeliner - the hardest of the funds under consideration fordrawing arrows. Pencils are ideal for beginners, as they are not smeared, they are easy to adjust. To draw arrows do not fit soft pencils, kayalas.

The color of the eyeliner in modern eye makeup can be any: from classic black to any shaderainbow palette. The main thing that must be remembered is the correspondence of the color of the eyeliner to the color of the shadows, the color of the face and hair. In doing so, do not forget that the color of the liner should not be darker than the carcass.

How to draw arrows in eye makeup?

The length, thickness and intensity of the arrowsare determined on the basis of what effect should be obtained. So, if the eyes have an ideal shape, then you can "wear" any arrows - under the mood. But if you need to slightly adjust the shape and size of the eyes, you can follow the following recommendations:

  • for close-set eyes to put a contour on 1/3 length along a line of growth of eyelashes on the top century plus on request the same line to put and on the lower eyelid - this method visually expands eyes;

  • at wide-set eyes should be an intensive line from the inner corner to the outside along the entire length of the line of growth of the eyelashes;

  • at round eyes use a dark pencil and completely outline the contour of the eyes and on the upper and lower eyelid, the line of the contour carefully shade;

  • at little eyes It is necessary to use a light line, leading the line through the upper eyelid.

The lower eyelid, as a rule, is rarely reducedcompletely. However, if you draw a pencil-kayal of white or light bodily hue the lower eyelid along the inner edge, this technique will make the eyes visually wider.

Drawing arrows on the eyes, it should be remembered that the line should gradually thicken in the direction from the inner corner of the eye to the outer one. The thickness of the line in the upper eyelid should be greater than the thickness of the line at the bottom.

To "fill" the hand before drawing the arrows oneyes, it is recommended to pre-practice on a sheet of paper, outlining the outline of the eyes drawn on paper. This is especially true for liquid liners.

In order not to "tremble hand, you can put a mirror on the table while making up the eye makeup and lean against the surface of the table with your elbow. It is recommended that when applying eye make-up, slightly pull the skin of the eyelids aside and upwards when applying the arrows to the eyes - this way the line turns out to be smoother.

It is best to begin to draw arrows at first thin, and then, as necessary, thicken them. It is much easier to "finish" the required thickness than to get rid of excessively "fat" arrows.

An eyeliner or eyeliner can be applied in several ways: either from the inner corner of the eye, or from the middle of the eye, or by means of points along the eye contour, which are then combined into a solid line. The main criterion in the choice is convenience.

The arrow line should be kept as close as possible to the line of eyelash growth, otherwise you can not avoid the unaesthetic white stripe between the arrow and the edge of the eye. The tip of the arrow line is recommended slightly "bend" upward so that the eyes do not look sadly lowered.

Using a cotton swab dipped in a toolfor make-up, you can remove possible blemishes and irregularities. If the line turned out to be very uneven, then you can fix it by putting dark shadows over the arrows and carefully shading them.

Arrows on the eyes are recommended to be applied after applying eye shadows, some types of arrows generally can be drawn without shadows. The final touch in the makeup of eyes using arrows should be the application of mascara, if desired - in several layers.

Eye make-up: draw arrows in front of eyes
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