How to draw arrows in front of eyeliner

To date, there are many formsshooters, however, girls should know that for each incision and location of the eyes a certain version of make-up is suitable. It is important to emphasize your own beauty. Arrows help not only to highlight advantages, but also to hide the existing shortcomings, as well as visually to give the eyes a more correct shape. How to learn the correct drawing of arrows in front of eyeliner? Let's consider this issue in the article.

Types of arrows for different types of eyes

To make the arrows in front of you draw correctly, you do not have to use additional tools. It is enough to use one means for drawing lines.

For round eyes

For owners of round eyes are suitable arrows withwide lines, which will favorably emphasize their charm. To create a make-up, you can use eyeliner, shadow or pencil. Draw from the inner corner of the eye, just above the contour of the growth of the eyelashes. The line should gradually become wider, at the end of the arrow slightly rounded up.

How to draw arrows in front of eyeliner

For close-fitting eyes

If the girl is close to her eyes, the innerthe corner should not be marked with a spout. The arrow should start from the first eyelash, the line passes near the outline of their growth, not exceeding 3 mm beyond the edge. It is also important to underline the eyelid from below, but here the line is recommended to slightly shade.

How to draw arrows in front of eyeliner

For wide-set eyes

For women with widely separated eyesideal arrows, the line of which starts from the inner corner, passing through the whole length of the century. At the bottom it is desirable to draw it from the center to the outer corner.

How to draw arrows in front of eyeliner

For eyes with lowered outer corners

If the corners of the eyes are slightly lowered, the arrow linemust begin at the outer end of the upper eyelid and reach the middle. Thus, it is advantageous to emphasize the advantages and visually eliminate the shortcomings of appearance. It is recommended that the lower eyelid is brighter, but only the inner corner. At the top, the arrow should pass along the line of growth of the eyelashes, becoming wider to the outer corner.

How to draw arrows in front of eyeliner

For deep-set eyes

On deeply planted eyes it is desirable to applyarrow is not burning black. It can be shiny, shaded to temples. The line on the outer corner of the eye bends upward. On the lower eyelid do not put the eyeliner. So the view will be more open.

How to draw arrows in front of eyeliner

For eyes with raised outer corners

If the girl's outer corners of the eyes are elevated,often they seem slightly slanted, although they are a model of female beauty. In this case, the appropriate option will be the arrows, whose line in the upper eyelid starts from the middle and reaches the inner corner of the eye. At the bottom, the piping should lie from the middle to the outer corner.

How to draw arrows in front of eyeliner

Types of eye vents

Additionally, makeup can be improved by correctly combining the eyeliner with the shadows.

The quality of the liner plays a decisive role in itsapplication on eyelids. It should not be too liquid or dried up. It is advisable to use waterproof eyeliner to prevent it from flowing in the event of rain or other extreme situations.

There are several types of submarines, which you can beautifully draw arrows in front of:

  • liquid - makes it possible to apply even and clear lines, but requires a certain experience from a woman to create an ideal make-up;

  • gel - thanks to the gel-like structure of such a piping draw arrows in the eyes more conveniently;

  • solid - such podvodki are presented in the form of special markers or pencils, are easy to use, there are different shades.

How to draw arrows in front of eyeliner

Techniques of drawing hands for eyeliner

You can draw the arrows by using one of the following techniques:

  • on the points, put beforehand by a pencil, by means of which the points of passage of arrows are outlined;

  • by the method of hatching - the arrow appears in small strokes, which are then painted over with a second, more even layer of liner;

  • first the arrow is marked with a pencil or shadows, and then the drawing is applied using this drawing.

Step-by-step instruction on drawing arrows in front of eyes

Many girls dream of a beautiful make-up, inin particular, to be able to correctly draw arrows in front of eyeliner, pencil or ink. At first glance, what can be simpler than to draw several lines? But in fact it turns out that it is not so easy to do it. A random shiver in the hand can ruin the makeup and the arrows will have to be painted anew. Practice shows that experience plays an important role in this case. Girls who have painted arrows for many years in front of a liquid eyeliner, pencil or ink, are coping much faster and better than those who do it for the first time.

How to draw arrows in front of eyeliner

Step-by-step instruction will help correctly and beautifully draw the classic arrows in front of eyes with the help of podvodki:

  1. It is important to pre-degrease the eyelid with a lotion or tonic, apply powder or colorless shade, so that the makeup is not smeared and for a long time retained its original appearance.

  2. First you need to draw a thin line frominternal to the outer corner of the eye. It should pass as close to the line of growth of the eyelashes. Not far from the outer corner, the arrow can expand, but this is not necessary, since the width can always be made larger.

  3. In advance it is necessary to determine where the highest point of the arrow will be. The eyelid squints and puts a dot in the required place. Then it is connected by a straight line to the outer corner of the eye.

  4. After this, the designated point is connected with the base of the upper eyelid towards the inner corner of the eye approximately 2/3 of the length.

  5. In the end, it's nice to paint the tail of the arrow, and also to correct it, adding or removing unnecessary strokes.

How to draw arrows in front of eyeliner

Such hands are perfect for evening make-up. Then you can circle the lower eyelid, add mascara.

Helpful Tips

To get a perfect make-up, you should follow certain rules:

  • before you start drawing the arrows by using the piping, you need to take a comfortable position, lean against the elbow of the working hand on a flat surface;

  • In the process of applying the eyeliner, do not delay the eyelid, otherwise the arrow may not be the same shape as is required;

  • the eyes must be opened, the sight directed slightly down, the upper eyelid slightly lowered;

  • dipping the brush into the liquid stroke, it is necessary to remove its excess, otherwise it can cause spots on the eyelid;

  • when drawing the tail of the arrow it is important to remember that the line should continue the lower eyelid and go towards the temple.

Observing these simple rules, you can draw a beautiful arrow with the help of eyeliner, using a pencil and without it, creating an ideal make-up.

Video: how to draw arrows in front of eyes

Arrows can be different, depending on the shapeand the location of the eyes. They are short, visually creating a shadow from the eyelashes, or long, providing the effect of cat eyes. Usually women choose the thickness of the line themselves, focusing on their own taste. As a rule, the arrow starts from the inner corner of the eye, where it is thinner, runs along the outline of the growth of the eyelashes to the outer part of the eyelid, widening.

The video shows 10 ways how to draw beautiful arrows in front of eyeliner.

If liquid piping is used, do not close it after applying it. You need to give her the opportunity to dry, otherwise you can smear make-up.

The video shows how to correctly draw arrows by different types of submarines.

On the next video you can learn the tricks and secrets that will help correctly and quickly draw arrows in front of the eyeliner.

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