Harmony in clothes and make-up
You probably heard that makeup and clothes should be combined. How to achieve a harmonious combination of clothing and makeup?

The main rule when choosing makeup for a certain toilet should be a combination of shades.

To clothes bright colors pick up a suitable make-up is especially difficult. To achieve color harmony in this case it is possible, if you choose cosmetics with the same intensity of color as in clothes or even a little bit brighter.

TO pastel colors in clothes will fit make-up, aged inpastel colors. Apply such a make-up followed by gentle, light touches. Soft, gentle shades of eye shadow use together with harmonizing shades of lipstick and blush. This combination will be particularly advantageous.

To clothes motley colors, in a cage or with a flower decor thatcontains approximately equal proportions of warm and cold shades, it is necessary to apply make-up, aged either in warm or in cold range. But do not mix cold and warm colors in makeup. If the clothes already have one dominant color, then you can take it as the basis for choosing the shades of makeup. You can take eye shadow or lipstick of this color.

Black color in clothes allows you to apply more daring solutions in makeup. Choose for cheeks and lips shades darker and brighter from one color group. Adhere to either warm or cold colors.

When choosing a make-up for an outfit red tones be very careful. If the shade of your red toilet refers to a warm color scheme, then makeup should be aged in the same scale. The same rule should be observed when clothes have shades of cold color. The choice of lipstick is one of the main problems when choosing makeup for red clothes. Very carefully, you should choose pink and coral shades of lipstick.

Harmony in make-up and clothing is one of the main signs of a sense of style and aesthetic taste!

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