CormacCormac McCarthy - a modern American classic of the main caliber, well known to our reader by the novel "Old men do not belong here" (Coen's film on this book received four "Oscar").

His novel "Road" in 2007 he received the Pulitzer Prize and has been on the bestseller lists for more than three years and has not come off the shelves of bookstores.

Eternal questions, philosophical categories of good and evil, life and death are said and written already very much, but no one has ever looked at these things with such a squint as Cormac McCarthy does.

The perspective that examines in all thesecategories of the writer, will touch completely new corners of the reader's soul, will make you think about all this from the point of view of a living person who lives renunciation of good and evil among himself, not from the position of a venerable philosopher or monk, but in the living of an ordinary living person who seeks the meaning of life and a reason to exist, afraid of death or persuades himself to accept its presence in the world as a reality ...

Through the burnt, dead space of the continentsome father and son are wandering - or, perhaps, the Father and the Son? They survived the catastrophe, and they almost certainly know - there is no future. What to appreciate, when all life in this world has focused in you one, whether to fear death, how to treat every dawn that has come? The answer to all one is to live. Appreciate. Every day is like the last, and every gift of destiny is the most desired. Follow your road.

Novel "Road" makes an indelible impression. It's a novel about what's really important in life, and how to appreciate it. And this is also a novel about death, that everything ever ends, and therefore you need to take every day as it is.

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